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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 4 Battle of Guandu

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 4 Battle of Guandu

The battle against Cao Cao resumed. In this episode, we will fight Cao Cao along with Yuan Shao and his army. However, there was a misunderstanding in the middle of the attack that made Yuan Shao turn against Liu Bei and his troops.

Part 1 Guandu Battle

War in northern China is inevitable. Yuan Shao ordered General Yan Liang to lead 100,000 troops to take over Baima. Our task this time is to defeat Xiahou Dun as governor of the Eastern Province and then cross the Yellow River. At the beginning of the game we are asked to defeat 100 soldiers of Cao Cao. After that Xiahou Dun will appear. Defeat him and take the eastern province.

Part 2 Surrounded

After defeating Liu Yan, our Army was suddenly attacked before it reached Baima! General Yan Liang brought most of the soldiers after the attackers, but it turned out that another surprise attack attacked the rest of the army. The situation was getting worse and out of control, lucky Zhang Fei appeared and helped our troops. Defeat the barrier troops together with Zhang Fei. Here we will face one captain and at the end will fight Zhu Ling.

Part 3 Sneak Attack

Our troops are at their wits end to take over Baima. Beat Song Xian for me. This time we will be assisted by Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. Of course their help means a lot. Here we will fight one captain and at the end will fight Song Xian. In the end Baima City was successfully taken over by Liu Bei.

Part 4 Baima Siege

Even though Baima has been captured, enemy troops are still coming to besiege the city of Baima. Here we will fight a Captain then continue with Wei Xu at the end.

Part 5 Dual Plots

Yan Liang had been killed by Guan Yu and the enemy recaptured Baima City! Yuan Shao suspects Liu Bei of conspiring with Cao Cao to kill Yan Liang, but Yuan Shao is willing to listen to Liu Bei’s explanation and wants to give Liu Bei a chance to prove his loyalty. However, Yuan Shao’s subordinate, Ju Shou, did not believe Liu Bei and tried to finish him off by sending men to kill Liu Bei. Here we will face several assassins who want to kill Liu Bei. Protect him from those killers. At the end of this section we will fight Ju Shou.

Part 6 Aiding Yanjin

Yuan Shao was angry with Ju Shou for not following his orders to listen to Liu Bei and even trying to kill him. Ju Shou admits he was wrong and accepts punishment, but Liu Bei begs for Ju Shou’s mercy. Yuan Shao who wanted to take Yan Jing offered to his followers to lead the troops to take Yan Jing. Wen Chou agreed and then he led a large army of soldiers to Yanjin and was caught in the enemy’s trap. Our job is to defeat Xiahou Dun and save the trapped troops to turn things around. At the beginning of the game we are asked to defeat the entire opposing army and save the trapped troops. Next there will be a flamethrower like in the previous episode. Destroy the fire chariots and be careful not to get hit by the fire. After that we will face the Golden Armor Soldier and continue with Xiahou Dun at the end.

Part 7 Domination

We managed to get Wen Chou out of the enemy’s trap, but Cheng Yu, one of Cao Cao’s men, came with a large army. Stop them and take Yanjin. At the beginning of the game we are asked to defeat 100 enemy troops, then there will be 4 captain units facing us, and at the end we have to defeat Cheng Yu.

Part 8 Sworn Brothers

Wen Chou had been killed by Guan Yu after taking over Yanjin! Of course Yuan Shao’s suspicion of Liu Bei grew. But once again Yuan Shao tried to trust Liu Bei who would persuade Guan Yu to rejoin him. To clear up any misunderstandings, Liu Bei would join Liu Pi and Gong Du in Runan to attack Cao Cao. On the way, Liu Bei’s army met Guan Yu and Cao Cao’s army. Here we will fight Chunyu Qiong and his troops, followed by a captain. In the midst of the battle Guan Yu left the battlefield and tried to open a path for Liu Bei. But Guo Jia appeared and blocked Guan Yu. Defeat Guo Jia and finish this battle.

Part 9 Breaking Siege

Rumors of Liu Bei’s betrayal of Yuan Shao had already spread in Yecheng and confused Liu Bei’s army. Immediately defeat Cao Cao and leave Baima before Yuan Shao’s army arrived. Here we will face 5 elite troops of Cao Cao and Cao Zhang at the end of the game. These elite troops need to be watched out for because they can issue skills like heroes in general but are not as strong as the opponent’s hero who has a name.

Part 10 Punitive Force

After defeating Cao Cao, Yuan Shao’s army led by Yuan Xi arrived and tried to kill Liu Bei. Zhang Fei’s army was surrounded by Yuan Xi’s army. Help Zhang Fei defeat Yuan Xi and break out of his siege. After defeating Yuan Xi, it turns out that Guan Yu and his troops are also surrounded by Yuan Shao’s Army led by Shi Huan. Together with Zhang Fei, help Guan Yu to defeat Shi Huan. After defeating Shi Huan, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu would prevent Yuan Shao’s army from entering the palace. Our job is to help Liu Bei who is besieged by Yuan Shao and his army. Defeat Yuan Shao to complete this Episode. Watch out for the fiery arrows from Yuan Shao’s army.

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