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Drone View No Fix 1 Mobile Legends

Drone view No Fix 1 Mobile Legends
Drone view No Fix 1 Mobile Legends

This is the drone view feature in the newest Mobile Legends game 2021 which is very safe and not banned by Moonton!

The drone view cheat is a third party program that can make the player’s view wider than other players, or in that term the field of view is the same as a drone.

If you underestimate this, this is a wrong thought because it will allow us to dodge the enemy’s gank as our field of view is very wide.

Then we can easily kidnap the enemy on our own, because with a wide field of vision we can see whether other players are nearby or not.


  • Graphics setting to HIGH
  • Use the HEAVENLY MAP;


There are several heroes that are suitable for this cheat, namely Fanny, Johnson, Parsa, Marsha or Natalia. All of them would be much more dangerous if they had a wide field of vision, like Marsha who knew there was an enemy who wanted to stop the advance and Natalia which easily abducts the enemy alone.

That is Drone view No Fix 1 Mobile Legends with which you can expand the view Cell phone legends We.

I look forward to tips and instructions Cell phone legends others only on the mouse blog.

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