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Don't Have Money Or Too MissQueen? Here are 5 Ways to Get Free Skins for Mobile Legends!

Don't Have Money Or Too MissQueen?  Here are 5 Ways to Get Free Skins for Mobile Legends!

How long have you been playing Mobile Legends? During that time, how much money have you spent to buy skins and heroes? Have you ever wanted a skin or a hero but the money has been used up? Here GamerBingit gives tips on how to get free skins for Mobile Legends!

Yes indeed nothing is 100 percent free in this world, even though the title is how to get free skins for Mobile Legends, still there has to be a little effort that you need to do to get the dream skin or hero you want.

There are at least five ways that have been proven effective! Yes 100% effective to get what you want for free 100 percent. Want to know how?

1 Fragment

This is the easiest way to get skins and even free heroes, the skins you can get are very diverse, ranging from cheap skins to Starlight member edition skins. However, because this method is the easiest, it also has one drawback.

The weakness of this method is that the time used to collect it is quite long, especially if there is no special event that does have Fragments as one of the prizes. The author himself took more than three months to collect rare skin fragments.

2 Lucky Spin

Now the second way is a way that is fairly easy to do, but requires an extraordinarily high hockey. That is by playing Lucky Spin in the Draw category shop.

Requires 20 tickets for one withdrawal and you can get tickets easily in the Mobile Legends game, whether it’s from the daily login or pin from the mission box that you can get after completing the game.

Lucky spin has many attractive prizes such as free heroes that change every time, then rare skin fragments and many others.

3 Daily Login

the third method is also fairly easy and you can do it without the need to do something super difficult like building a temple for example. That is, just by logging in daily, you can get free skins and heroes.

Starting from ordinary skins to epic skins that are super expensive you can get! But everything must have a weakness, if at the first point the weakness is that it takes quite a long time, then for this third method the weakness is that the skin and heroes you get are only temporary.

Or just a trial, so you are loaned by Mobile Legends skins and heroes for a certain period of time, usually one to three days. Yes, the name is also free, no need to protest!

4 Enter Giveaway

Now this is a method that is fairly easy and difficult, because there are many factors that really determine for this one method, the first factor is the readiness of your time to hunt for who is doing the giveaway.

The second factor is your readiness to fulfill the conditions requested by the giveaway owner and the third or final factor is the hockey or luck factor that you have whether you will get it or not.

It does sound quite difficult, but usually the prizes you get are also worth it, not only skins and heroes, sometimes there are also giveaway prizes for smartphones and other gaming equipment.

5 Ask a Friend’s Gift

The last way and probably also the most difficult way! The difficulty is not difficult conditions to get what you want, but difficult if you do not have friends of the sultan or you have friends who are super stingy.

That is, by asking your friends for the gift skin you want, thank goodness your friend is having a lot of luck and is still kind, you can be given the skin you want.

But you have to remember! If you ask for a gift, you must also know yourself, don’t be rude to ask. Already asked for free, asked for the most expensive too. If your friend wants to give it, just be grateful.

What do you think about these five powerful ways? How to get a free Mobile Legends skin, write it in the comments column.


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