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Difficult to Rank Up? This is a PUBG Mobile Player Error That Makes ACE Difficult

Difficult to Rank Up?  This is a PUBG Mobile Player Error That Makes ACE Difficult

One of the goals of gamers to play games PUBG Mobile especially if you don’t get as high a ranking as possible. There are those who can quickly climb the rankings, there are also those who are difficult to rank up. Well this is the player’s fault PUBG Mobile which makes it difficult to rank up.

There are several important factors that are often forgotten by players PUBG Mobile and without realizing it even become a factor that makes it difficult to rank up.

These factors range from preparation before playing the game, to the technicalities when playing the game. So what are the players’ mistakes? PUBG Mobile what makes it difficult to rank up? Let’s see below.

Inconvenient Settings and Devices

First is the convenience of playing. Many gamers forget the function of settings before playing so that when playing it is not comfortable when playing.

In addition, many gamers are also forced to play on the internet device which is less comfortable. Discomfort can be because indeed device or connection.

Make sure you are comfortable with settings and device before playing in order to achieve maximum results.

Lack of communication

The second is the obstacle when we choose to play squad, either with friends or randomly. Make sure we can communicate with our squadmates.

The goal is clear, in order to be able to launch a strategy and also provide information to friends if they see an opponent or are involved in a battle or when they are in the middle knock.

But remember, don’t use communication to toxic because it will irritate teammates, especially if you don’t know them. may be report.

Barbarian when Landing

Next is a play style that is too barbaric, even when just landing in a territory. Remember, prioritize loot for good equipment before battle.

If it’s in a state of necessity, where there are enemies who also descend in the same area, still prioritize loot aka not empty handed.

When at least have shotgun, if possible, you can only chase the enemy to finish them off.

Hang out in the open area

The third is choosing to stay or camping, but in an open area! Indeed, we can see a wider area, but at the same time we become a very open target.

Choose an area or house that is limited if seen from around, but can still see the surrounding area even though it is limited. But before that make sure we already have equipment sufficient.

If you have to and camp in an open area, make sure it’s closed environment such as rocks, trees, and use the car as a shield or for urgency when you want to move quickly.

Less Utilities

The last one is lack utility which can be used. The simplest example is no smoke grenades carried or owned by teammates.

Although often underestimated, smoke grenades very important to have and use especially when late game!

We can close vision opponent to move, revive friends, or even for dummy aka outwit your opponent.

That’s some of the player’s mistakes PUBG Mobile which is still often done so it is difficult to rank up. Reduce or eliminate the habits above so that you can increase your ranking faster!

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