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Diablo: Immortal Release Schedule Moved To 2022

Activision Blizzard seems to have to return to receiving disappointed curses from gamers fans Diablo franchise. The mobile game that is the drug for waiting for Diablo 4 is Diablo: Immortal actually have to go back.

Diablo: Immortal

Games that were planned to be available on Android and iOS this year had to be pushed back to next year. This news is not a rumor because the party Blizzard has confirmed, the reason is that they want this game to be perfected according to the suggestions of gamers during the Closed Alpha game.

“According to suggestions from participants in the Closed Alpha trial, our team is currently working on the core settings of the game and a number of features,” Blizzard wrote in an official statement. Features that are being addressed include PvP and PvE content, which are the main entertainment in the Diablo Immortal game.

“We’re also working on controller support for gamers who want to play in a different style. Now the game is slated for release in the first half of 2022,” said Blizzard.

The game Diablo: Immortal is known not to have been born entirely by Blizzard. This time, the game studio collaborated with a game developer from China, NetEase Games, which in Indonesia is known for one of his works, Knives Out.

It is known that this game supports the gameplay of up to eight players at once. Here there is a PvE Raids mode that presents adventurous gameplay against the main boss together. There is also a Challenge Rifts mode that provides prizes in the form of exclusive crafting materials.

Diablo Immortal will also provide a PvP mode which, when claimed, still needs improvement in the matchmaking, ranking, class balance and other complementary elements. They also want gameplay not limited to the highest level or tier.

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The announcement of Diablo Immortal at the 2021 BlizzCon event received negative reactions from fans because they were more looking forward to the main Diablo series than the mobile game version.

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