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Definition, Functions, Benefits, How it Works, Examples of Search Engines

Understanding Search Engines
Search Engine is a computer program designed / designed to search or search for information on the internet based on keywords or keywords specified by the user.

Search Engine Function
Find information quickly and precisely related to the specified keywords. Search results must be relevant and in accordance with user expectations.

Benefits of Search Engines

Helping Doing School / Lectures
With the search engine, school and college assignments can be completed more quickly because the information you are looking for can be found immediately.

Easier to Learn Something
When we do not know a term and look for it in a search engine, usually the meaning and understanding of the term will appear without the need to look for it in books or go to the library.

Accelerate Transactions
With easy access to information, buyers can more quickly find out the specifications of the goods to be purchased and decide whether to buy them or not. If it doesn’t match the existing item, usually the buyer will be faster to look for other item specifications that are more suitable for him. Thus, buying and selling transactions will occur faster because of the information that is quickly accessed and accurate.

How Search Engines Work
Search engines work based on user input where later the search engine will display data or information according to the keywords you are looking for. Search engine algorithms are usually different so that each search engine can display different data for the same keyword.

Process / Method / Steps to Search Using Search Engines
1. Users input keywords in search engines
2. Search engines perform searches based on their algorithms
3. Search engines display search results
4. The user chooses the web to be visited

Search Engine Example

Currently, Google is the most used search engine in many countries around the world.

Bing is a search engine developed by the technology giant Microsoft.

Yahoo is also one of the search engines that are still used today.

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