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Config FF Max APK, Free Skin Tool Anti Banned

Using apk config ff max does provide many advantages. We can use various premium skins which normally require a lot of diamonds to use. One of them is the Scar Titan skin, one of the favorite skins for ff players. So can the enemy see the skin? Find the answer in this review.

Free Fire is indeed a favorite battle royale game for many people. One of the advantages is that this game has an exciting playing experience but is quite light in size. This makes lower-middle-class smartphones can also play it.

On the other hand, this is also a drawback of free fire where the quality of the graphics is often the subject of ridicule. It’s not uncommon to hear the term 8-bit games, dotted games and so on. But now after the emergence of Free Fire Max, that has disappeared. Because FF Max offers high-quality graphics and has cool effects. Each player can also have the option to play in the usual free fire application or in FF Max with the same account.

download apk config ff max full skin
download apk config ff max full skin

Well, previously, we have given FF Max sensitivity so that you can auto headshot, this time we want to share about the VVIP FF Max config. With this Config you can use various premium skins without removing diamonds.

Apk Config FF Max, Can the Enemy See?

Config itself is a configuration in the form of a file or apk that contains data to modify a game or application. In a game there are usually locked items, and we have to make a purchase to open it. Now this config function is to unlock the skin or these items so that they can be used for free.

But unfortunately, because this is only a modification of the game data that you install on your smartphone, the enemy can’t see it. This means that only you can see the skin you are wearing. However, this ff skin max config is quite fun to install. You can use cool skins with high graphic quality. Even if it’s just for your own enjoyment.

Using config ff skin max apk feels much safer than config auto headshot or others. Because you do not harm the enemy or other players. Even so with Garena, who was not harmed by not unlocking the skin fraudulently, only modifying the display on the smartphone screen itself.

Download the Latest Config FF Max Apk 2021

The skins in the free fire game are very tempting. One of my favorites is the skin scar titan. But most immediately shrank when they saw how much it cost. Therefore the vvip ff max config becomes the next solution.

This apk is made by a third party. So you won’t get it on google play store. Okay, no need to read a lot, just for those who want to download the latest ff max config apk, here’s the link.


FF Max Skin Tool Apk Features

The main feature of this application, of course, is a bundle of skins and weapons that can be used for free. You also don’t need to buy diamonds or take part in FF events. You just need to install and choose which skin you want to use. Here are some features of config ff max apk:

  • Bundle
  • Bundle full set
  • weapon skins
  • full skin
  • background
  • anti-ban
  • clear config
  • etc

How to Use FF Max Config Apk

  1. Download the apk via the link we provided above
  2. Install, and open
  3. You will find several menus such as bundles, weapons, full skins and also delete config. Choose one
  4. After you select a skin, the ff max config will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  5. Then just open the free fire game and see that the skin you want is already there.
  6. Finished

How easy is it not how to use it? If you want to delete the config, just select the delete config menu and follow the next steps.

Is this FF Max Apk Skin Tool Safe?

In fact. Garena prohibits all illegal acts. However, from some reviews that have used it, this apk is quite safe to use. Because this apk does not harm anyone, both the enemy and the developer. You can only enjoy all the skins that you get.

However, we do not guarantee whether it will remain safe in the future. So please do it at your own risk. It’s better if you just use it on your guest ff account or your small account. Than later banned by Garena.


Finally, thank you for reading this review about this ff max config skin apk. We return everything to the reader whether they want to use it or just play normally.

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