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Common Spells or Spells in Clash Of Clans and their Functions

Spells have a very vital role to win when we attack the opponent’s base. Currently Clash Of Clans itself has 2 types of Spells, namely ordinary Spells made at the Spell Factory and Dark Spells made at Dark Spell Factory.

Each Spell certainly has a different function and in this post I want to discuss a little about the regular Spells in Clash Of Clans.

The following are the usual types of Spells in Clash Of Clans.

• Lightning Spell

Lightning Spell is the first Spell that we can make after we build Spell Factory. This Spell has great damage with 6 lightning attacks randomly and damaging.

Even though it has high damage, Lightning Spell cannot be used to attack loot buildings such as Elixir Strong, Gold Strong and Dark Elixir Strong. All three buildings are immune when attacked using Lightning Spell.

The time needed to make this Spell is 6 minutes with 2 Dormitory Capacity.

• Healing Spell

We can make a Healing Spell after we increase the Spell Factory to level 2. The function of the Healing Spell itself is to increase the Hp (Hitpoint) of troops who run out of blood when attacking the opponent’s base.

They will be filled automatically when they enter the Healing Spell circle. This spell is very suitable when we combine it with grouped land Troops.

The length of time it takes to make this Healing Spell is still the same as the Lightning Spell, which is 6 minutes with the same Dormitory Capacity as well, which is 2.

• Rage Spell (Rage Spell)

We can make Rage Spell or also called Anger Spell after we increase the Spell Factory to level 3.

We can use this Spell to increase the speed and attack power of our troops while in the Rage Spell circle.

This spell that increases the Damage of our troops takes 6 minutes to make with Dormitory Capacity 2.

• Jump Spell

Spell with green characteristics and two lines like this ring will open and we can make after increasing the Spell Factory to level 4 or at TH 9.

Jump Spell is a unique Spell that can change the direction of the troop attack and will pass through the wall (Wall). With the Jump Spell, the troops automatically jump over the wall without destroying the wall as long as it is in a circle or Jump Spell area.

The capacity of the Jump Spell Dormitory is 2 with the time required to cast a Spell of 6 minutes.

• Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell is the only Spell that has Dormitory Capacity 1 in the Spell Factory. Spells can be made after increasing the Spell Factory to level 5 or at TH 10.

The defensive building dropped by this Spell will stop attacking because it is frozen as well as the enemy’s CC (Castel Clan) if it is hit by the Freeze Spell for a while. The time it takes to make a Jump Spell is 3 minutes.

• Clone Spell

Clone Spell is a Spell that is unlocked with Freeze Spell at Spell Factory level 5. The use of this Spell is to double Troops or troops so that there are more unless the Hero cannot be cloned.

The Clone Spell itself has 3 more Dormitory Capacity than other Spells or can also be said to be the opposite of Spell Freeze.

Those are the regular Spells in the Spell Factory and their functions.

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