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Claude Rekt's latest and most painful build 2021

Build Claude rekt again starting to use a lot. This was after the MPL Season 8 match that brought together Evos vs RRQ. In the el classico match, precisely on match 2, “the farmer” used Claude, the main marksman hero of Rekt Evos. As a result, evos brushed out rrq hoshi with a score of 2-0.

For lovers of mobile legends, especially those who have followed MPL since season 4, of course they know how to turn off Claude when held by Gustian Hidayat aka Evos Rekt. In Rekt’s hands, Claude is often the main winner if the match runs until the late game. Often he enters the war at the right time using a blazing duet.

build claude hurts evos rekt
build claude hurts evos rekt

Likewise with el classico MPL Season 8. RRQ dominates in the early minutes thanks to early heroes such as lancelot, esmeralda, paquito and also kagura. In the early, RRQ bear really controlled the match and even easily got the lord. But before the late game, after entering the 15th minute, it was Evos’ turn to win the war. It could not be separated from the game rekt who played Claude. Two minutes later, Evos also won the game. Curious about build claude or what items rekt uses? In MPL season 8 there is also a surprise from Aura Fire which uses a karina tank build. Please just check the link to find out the items used.

Guide Hero Claude Mobile Legends

Even though he was on nerf, until now Claude is still a pretty deadly marksman hero. In the right hands, Claude can even out enemies with one ulti when entering war. This hero, who has appeared since last August 2021, does have a skillset that makes him a mainstay for pro players.

Unlike most marskmans, Claude is an MM with slick fighting abilities. The skill can move quickly with Dexter, his pet. When it is full of items, the ultimate is terrible. Burst Damage can hit the surrounding area. Before discussing the sick Claude build, first consider the following skill skills

Passive – Battle Side by side

Claude has the passive of Dexter, his pet monkey. Dexter will take 35% of Claude’s basic damage and its properties/items. This will allow him to finish off the enemy easily.

Skill 1 – Art of Thievery

This skill can reduce the enemy’s movement speed and attack speed. Besides that, it can also increase Claude’s movement.

Skill 2 – Battle Mirror Image

Claude has duplication ability. He can place Dexter in any location he wants. Interestingly he can switch positions with Dexter and can return to the starting position. This is what makes it even more slippery and difficult to finish.

Ultimate – Blazing duet

Together with Dexter, Claude will deal area damage to the opponent for 3 seconds. Interestingly, this attack is included as a basic attack. So don’t be surprised if many use ultimate to minions, the goal is to increase the stack. At first glance, Claude’s ultimate skill is similar to Hayabusa. But keep in mind, when blazing a duet you can also be stun or crowd control the enemy. Therefore, you have to be smart in having a spell and enter the war

Claude Rekt’s latest and most painful build 2021

So, here are the items commonly used by evos rekt. But of course it can still be adjusted again, depending on the opponent you are facing.

the latest build of claude rekt sick 2021
the latest build of claude rekt sick 2021

Demon Shoes

Claude needed mana to use his skills. Therefore, demon shoes are the right choice. In addition, of course this item is also to increase movement speed.

Demon Hunter Sword

After buying shoes, Claude’s next build is a demon hunter sword. This item is also known as a tank kill item. In addition to increasing physical attack, it will also increase Claude’s attack speed. Then the passive is also very useful, namely increasing damage based on the opponent’s remaining HP and providing a lifesteal that can be stacked. With this passive, of course the opponent’s tank will be easy to deal with.

Golden Staff

This is a mandatory item of a claude. Golden staff can increase attack speed as well as physical attack. Claude will also get a swift passive which increases his critical chance and there is also an endless strike passive which can increase attack speed.

Wind Of Nature

Furthermore, rekt also often uses wind of nature. This item is often used on marsman because it has a passive wind chant. This skill will provide immunity from physical damage for a while. In addition, of course, it will increase attack speed, physical attack, and also lifesteal.

Athena’s Shield

Next you can have a sustain item. In El Clasico MPL Season 8, Rekt uses Athena’s Shield. This is because there are two mages used by RRQ, namely Kagura and Esmeralda. Of course you can also replace it with another defense item depending on the enemy you are facing.

The choice of other items can use antique queras which can increase HP and also HP regen. This item also has a passive deterrent which can reduce the enemy’s physical attack. Or you can also use a brute force breastplate which passively increases movement speed, physical & magic defense when using basic attacks.


It has become a commonly used item when entering the late game. With immortality we can live again shortly after being killed by the enemy.

Spell Claude Mobile Legends

Purify is the right choice for a Claude to use. Especially if there are heroes like Selena who have great stun and damage in the early game. In addition, purify can also be useful when using the ultimate skill. You can use this spell when the enemy has stun and crowd control.

Another option is aegis which can provide a shield, very useful when launching a blazing duet. Meanwhile, the right lane for a Claude is the gold lane.

The final word

That was the explanation of the latest and most painful build of Claude Rekt. Claude is indeed an agile and deadly marsman hero. Using this hero, you have to be smart at farming to get items faster. In addition, you must also be smart to take the moment, especially when you want to use the ultimate skill.

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