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Cheat Need for Speed ​​Carbon PPSSPP ULUS10376

Need for Speed ​​Undercover cheat code ULUS10376

_G Need For Speed: Undercover [USA]

_S ULUS-10376

_C0 Max Money

_L 0x20A711F8 0x000186A0

_C0 Max Cash

_L 0x20A711F8 0x05F5E0FF

_C0 Max Bounty

_L 0x20A71200 0x05F5E0FF

_C0 Inf Nitrous

_L 0x201D096C 0x000000000

_C0 Inf Speedbreaker

_L 0x202554E8 0x000000000

_C0 AI Disabled

_L 0x10257F1C 0x000000000

_C0 AI Enabled

_L 0x10257F1C 0x00000001

_C0 One Hit Takedown

_L 0x20227E7C 0x3C05000D

_L 0x2026B6B4 0xE48C0008

_C0 Never Busted

_L 0x200D6500 0x44806800

_C0 Super Slow Motion

_L 0x204590A4 0x3C888889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3ACCCCCD

_C0 Slow Motion

_L 0x204590A4 0x3C888889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3CCCCCCD

_C0 Normal Speed

_L 0x204590A4 0x3C888889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3DCCCCCD

_C0 Quicker Game

_L 0x204590A4 0x3D288889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3DCCCCCD

_C0 Hyper Mode

_L 0x204590A4 0x3D488889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3DCCCCCD

_C0 Insane Speed

_L 0x204590A4 0x3D888889

_L 0x204590A8 0x3DCCCCCD

_C0 One Lap

_L 0x204B21EC 0x00000001

_C0 Two Laps

_L 0x204B21EC 0x00000002

_C0 Three Laps

_L 0x204B21EC 0x00000003

_C0 Nine Laps

_L 0x204B21EC 0xUndercover

Inf Nitrous & Speedbreaker

AI Disabled & Nine Laps

Download Cheat Need for Speed ​​Undercover

How to Use Cheats

  1. Download the cheat above.
  2. Move it to the PSP folder > Cheats. If it’s not there you can create the Cheats folder manually.
  3. Open PPSSPP and run the game.
  4. While the game is still running, press again on your android so that it enters the save state menu. Then select Settings > System > and enable Enable Cheats.
  5. Go back to the save state menu again and select Cheats.
  6. Activate the cheat by ticking the cheat you want to apply in the game.

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