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Cheat Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes PPSSPP ULUS10299

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes is a fighting game that requires us to defeat the opponent and also maintain HP so that it does not decrease within the time limit to be able to win the battle.

Inf HP & Chackra

So HP is very important in order to win in this game. For that maybe those of you who have difficulty winning battles will need an HP cheat. So making the game easier.

Well it’s also a coincidence that this time Gamelmit will share the HP cheat so that it doesn’t decrease and some other cheats that you can use to play this Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes game. And the cheats include the following.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes Cheat Codes

_G Naruto : Ultimate Ninja Heroes [USA]

_S ULUS-10299

_C1 Infinity HP

_L 0xE0020000 0x10454E80

_L 0x60454E80 0x3F800000

_L 0x00020000 0x00000058

_C1 Infinite Chackra

_L 0x0071B76D 0x000000000

_C1 Parameters Pwr-Up for All

_L 0x8071B780 0x00200005

_L 0x1000FFFF 0x000000000

_C1 Have 99 of All Scrolls

_L 0x0071BBEC 0x00000063

_L 0x0071BBF0 0x00000063

_L 0x0071BBF4 0x00000063

_L 0x0071BBF8 0x00000063

_L 0x0071BBFC 0x00000063

Pwr-Up Parameters for All

Download Cheat Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

How to Use Cheats

  1. Download the cheat above.
  2. Move it to the PSP folder > Cheats. If it’s not there you can create the Cheats folder manually.
  3. Open PPSSPP and run the game.
  4. While the game is still running, press again on your android so that it enters the save state menu. Then select Settings > System > and enable Enable Cheats.
  5. Go back to the save state menu again and select Cheats.
  6. Activate the cheat by ticking the cheat you want to apply in the game.

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