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Cheat Game UP PPSSPP - Gamelmit

Like games adapted from other films, UP, which is an action adventure genre game, also looks easy to complete.

Balloon Party Cheats

But maybe there are still difficulties or want to make the game look interesting again. And that usually requires a cheat. Now on this occasion Gamelmit will share cheats from the game up, which include the following

Cheat Game UP


Effect: Creates colorful balloons when Mr. Fredricsen jumped.


Effect: Makes the butterfly follow Russell a certain distance.


Effect: Mr. Fredricksen uses bird glasses.


Effect: Mr. Fredricksen only needed to jump off the seesaw to catapult Russell into the air.

How to Add and Activate Game Cheat UP

To activate the cheat above, you can do it when you Main course, then select “Bonuses“,”CheatsThen scroll down to find the one that says “A B C” and enter the cheat.

Notes : Other cheats you can buy using the points you collect.

Meanwhile, to activate the cheat, you only need pause game or Start when the game is running.Then select “Cheats” and activate the cheat you want to use.

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