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Can I Convert English to Indonesian in Webcomics?

How to change language in Webcomics 2021 / Language settings in Webcomic

Can / is there a way to change English to Indonesian in webcomics?? – Webcomic is an online comic book application that we can now download for free from popular download stores, namely Playstore and Appstore.

The webcomics application itself has been around since the beginning of 2021 and now has more than 1 million downloads and 133 thousand active users in it. That means that this webcomics application is very popular with those interested in reading comics online.

The webcomic application offers many unique and interesting genres for any user who uses the application to read comics online. The genres in webcomics include Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Modern, Action, Romance, Girls & Boys’ Love, History, Triler, and many other genres.

Of course, readers will feel more confident with so many different genres and won’t get bored easily because readers will be able to choose which genres they are interested in and like.

In addition, the design and appearance of the webcomics application is also very good and tidy and very easy to understand.

In this webcomics application is the use of digital currency that applies to every user / reader of the application, coin. Coins can be called pretty important here and certainly have many uses. So, if you want to know how to have coins in these webcomics, you can read it here.


Although it is very popular, this webcomic application turns out to have several weaknesses. Well, one of the most prominent weaknesses in webcomics is its functionality language.

English is used as the language in this webcomics application. English is also used for any comic content it contains.

This will surely make it difficult for most of the users because, as we know, not all readers can speak English fluently.

Given the language barrier they face, it’s not uncommon for many webcomics readers to wonder how? How to change English to Indonesian in webcomics?.

Well after looking around it turns out that there is no option or option in this webcomics application to change the language of the comic book content. The option to change this language does not exist in the Settings section either.

This is certainly an obstacle and a disappointment for most readers as they cannot read comics in peace due to language barriers.

But dear fellow readers, you don’t have to be disappointed because now there is good news from the developer of the webcomics application who will shortly be releasing the latest feature, namely the addition of the Indonesian language.

We can know this from every developer’s response to complaints about language barriers from any user of the webcomics application. The developer has already given an answer that will add the use of the Indonesian language soon in the next few months.

This answer is of course used to answer any complaints that have been made by the readers of this webcomic application. So be patient as the webcomics application developer will soon be releasing an Indonesian version of the comic.

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That’s the whole discussion about questions that are often asked by webcomics readers. Hope this helps you with the questions you often ask about the language on the webcomic.

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