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Can GTA5 be installed on 32bit Windows OS? (solution for playing gtav pc)

special gta5 games for windows 32bit
Is it true, GTA5 PC can be installed on 32bit Windows?

Again, this time we willChat“Regarding the Legendary Open World game created by the cold hands of a well-known developer, namely Rockstar Games.

Even though it has been a long time since the GTA5 PC game was released (2021 ago), but there are still questions “classic” which keeps popping up in cyberspace. Especially from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

This indicates that the Grand Theft Auto 5 game is still the prima donna for all circles GAMER, and is also a game MUST which must be played. (According to me)

The classic question, what is it?

Now, for those of you who are currently spelled out “new player“In the world of PC Gaming, have you ever asked a question like this:

“Brother, can GTA5 be played on a 32bit laptop or not?”

“If possible, how to install it?”

“tutor more???”

Have a question like that?

If you have, please continue reading to the end!!!

GTA5 Minimum Specs…

So this is it…

Before you install GTA5, the first thing you should do is (1) “First check the minimum specifications of GTA5, and (2) “Check the PC/Laptop specifications first“that you have. (note those 2 things)

How to do it???

Take note!!!

1. Check GTA5’s minimum specs

First, you just have to go to the website If so, then write it on “GTA5” in the search bar.

Wait until the web loading is complete…

If you have, then you will be treated to a display like this in the browser. (see image below)

gta5 pc minimum specs

The display is the minimum spec information & recommended specs on a PC/Laptop to run the game “elephant“Like GTA5.

2. Check your PC/Laptop specifications

If you already know the minimum specs of the game (GTA5), then check the specifications of the PC/Laptop that you are using.

It’s like this:

On the desktop, press the button “Windows + R”, then type/write “dxdiag“, then “Enter” After that, a screen like the one below will appear.

the specifications of the laptop that I use, very old school

Look at your processor (CPU), clay VGAyou (GPU), clay RAM, Hard disk, and so on. (very basic & easy)

Just match it, your PC/Laptop specs with the specs “minimum” listed on

If the minimum specs are almost the same OR even beyond, it means your device can run the game. (in this case it is GTA5, a legendary game, a must game for PC)

Continuing to the question, is it possible to install GTA5 on 32bit or not???

The time has come to answer the question “sacredthis, namely:

“GTA5 can be installed on 32bit or not???”

The answer is, Oo of course… NO!!! (excuse me)

Please take a look at the image below. (screenshot

gta5, minimum OS Win7 64bit, recommendation Win8 64bit

It says “Minimum Win7 64bit”, while the recommendation is “Win8 64bit

It is now clear, that Grand Theft Auto 5 is “MUST” Windows operating system type 64bit only. (The laptop is still 32bit NO will CAN)

So, the Windows OS must be 64bit, right?

Yes, MUST!!!

what’s the solution bro???

If you ask, what is the SOLUTION…???

The best solution is…

1. Reinstall your Windows OS

First, you have to”Reinstall“Your Windows OS. (change to Windows 64bit type)

BUT with one condition…

Condition, processor (CPU) that you use must already support 64bit as well. (Intel Core 2 Duo and above)

Take it easy, forToday’s Age” almost all “Laptops” already supports 64bit OS. (It’s become today’s standard)

2. Buy a new laptop

Second, if you have excess money, it’s better to buy a new/used computer device that has been used.CLEAR“Supports today’s games. (minimum core i3 + AMD/NVIDIA external VGA)

Better yet, if you buy it with your own money. (don’t just ask parents)

3, Upgrade hardware (if possible)

This third method applies if the device you are using is a PC (Personal Computer).

The reason, again, is clear… PCs/Computers can be disassembled relatively easily, because they are designed that way. (easy to disassemble)

4. Not yet, have any other opinion?

So far there is no other suggestion that is most appropriate to write. If you have other additional suggestions, it never hurts to write your opinion in the comments column. (may be very useful for others)


So the conclusion is…

Before downloading/installing/playing any (any) game, the first thing you should do is:

  • First check the minimum specifications of GTA5
  • Check the specifications of your PC / Laptop first
  • Already? Then install as usual
  • Enjoy!!!

Very, very simple and easy.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


That’s the article about Can GTA5 be installed on a 32bit Windows OS? (solution for playing gtav pc). Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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