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Build Johnson Mage Sick, One Hit Die

With the most painful Johnson Mage build that we provide this time, you can finish off your opponent with one hit and instantly die. Plus you can bring one person, the john and odette combo is a classic combo that is quite deadly. If you have full items, you can also kill solo.

One of the places of excitement in the mobile legends game is how we make build items on heroes. We can even explore the hero’s abilities outside of the role. Like some time ago, we discussed the karina tank build which is the mainstay of the Aura Fire team. For now, we want to discuss the one-hit-and-death build of johnson.

build johnson damage
build johnson damage

As we know Johnson is one of the most favorite tank heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Some time ago this hero became a mainstay meta and was often banned during ranked mode. Although now, it is no longer the main choice but that does not mean its ability to weaken. Even then, RRQ Hoshy’s team, Muhammad Ikhsan Lemon, said that. But he actually makes a scary build johnson damage.

Build Johnson Mage Sick 2021

This is the hyper johnson build used by RRQ lemon. With item mage items, you can kill your opponent with just one hit. Check out the explanation of each item below.

the johnson mage build hurts once hit and died
the johnson mage build hurts once hit and died

Warrior Boots

The first item we recommend is warrior boots. In addition to increasing movement speed, this item will also provide 22 armor and the passive provides physical defense.

Genius Wand

Then you can buy a genius wand which has the attributes of 75 magic power and 5% movement bike. The passive is very useful for Johnson, namely the existence of magical penetration. When the hero deals damage to the opponent, it will reduce magic defense by 3-10 levels and lasts for 2 seconds. Of course, in line with the ultimate, which is when it turns into a car and hits the opponent.

Holy Crystal

The third johnson damage build is a holy crystal which has an attribute of 90 magic power. The passive will provide additional magic power that lasts for 3 seconds. Of course this item will make him sicker.

Ice Queen Wand

One of the functions of the ice queen wand is its passive which can give a slow effect of 15% when we use skills. Plus the attribute that has 75 magic power and 10% magical lifesteal. With this item, you can actually solo kill heroes who have thin blood.

Glowing Wand

This item has the attributes of 75 magic power, 400 hp and 5% movement speed. the passive will burn the enemy for 3 seconds from the skill. Thus Johnson will get sicker and his blood will also be thicker.

Blood Wings

The last Johnson mage build is blood wings which can give 150 magic power and 500 hp. His passive ability His passive will give johnson shield. Of course this item is very useful in the late game.

The Strongest Johnson Mage Build Emblem

As for the emblem used, it is better to keep using the tank emblem with the composition of talent, vitality, inspire and tenacity. This will allow him to maximize his ultimate faster and also have stronger resistance.

the strongest johnson emblem
the strongest johnson emblem

Recommended Spell Johnson

For more optional spells, you can use sprint, flicker or vengenance. That way you can last longer during war or can chase enemies.

Guide Johnson Mobile Legends

Johnson is a tank hero with a basic damage mage. He has a passive skill in the form of a shield, an electric shield that will activate when his blood is dying (less than 30%). The other skill is a pliers weapon that can be thrown and will give 200 magic damage and provide additional damage of 1.5 times the armor worn. In addition, it will also give a slow effect for 1 second.

Next for skill 2 is called missile tackle which will attack enemies in its range. This skill gives 250 points of magic damage and will slow the enemy’s movement speed up to 70% for 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, his ultimate skill will make Johnson turn into a car and can take one passenger. When hitting an enemy, it will stun for 1 second and give 300 to 600 points of magic damage.

The ultimate skill is indeed going very fast, so you have to memorize the map. You can try to control it vs AI first. When you are proficient, you can only start ranked mode.

That was the explanation about the Johnson mage build. You can try it, and once hit the enemy dies. But first make sure the team has a tank. If not, of course, you will have difficulty if you are in the gangbang, it will be difficult to survive.

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