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Build Items Odette Damage Pain Mobile Legends

Odette is a mage-type hero who has a beautiful face. She is one of the many annoying mage heroes because of her abilities, for example, Swan Song’s ultimate skill which is a wide area type and is very painful so it makes the opponent think twice about attacking him when Odette uses the skill the ultimate.

The very painful damage certainly cannot be separated from her name the right combination of items. Now, it’s time for Gamelmit to share the latest build Odette pain damage that can be tried to use. This build has a complete composition without reducing the resulting pain damage. Here’s the reason for using this item.


Rapid Boots

In addition to not having the skill to run away, Odette can be said that the hero is lacking in movement speed, so the first item in this build, especially shoes that are suitable to cover these shortcomings, is to use the Rapid Boots shoe item which will provide additional movement speed.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is a versatile magic item because in addition to getting additional magic power, cooldown, and mana, the passive ability of this item is no less useful because it will provide additional magic damage that hits 3 closest enemies every 6 seconds after using a skill that produces damage.

The damage will increase as the hero’s mana increases, so Lightning Truncheon is suitable for magic-type heroes with a lot of mana consumption like Odette who uses her skills in attacking. This item is very helpful because in addition to increasing attack pain, it is also to maintain mana in the early game.

Glowing Wand

Like Lightning Truncheon which has additional passive damage. The third item Glowing Wand is also the same because the skill that produces damage will burn the target for 3 seconds and cause Magic Damage 2%/3%/4% of the target’s HP. With the Glowing Wand and a combination with Lightning Trucheon makes Odette have pain damage when using her skills.

Concentrated Energy

You could say Concentrated Energy is a lifesteal item for hero mages because in addition to adding HP by 700 it will also produce an additional 25% magic lifesteal and not to mention if you kill the hero it will regenerate 10% HP.

This is what makes Concentrated Energy makes Odette not easy to die and will even get sicker because Concentrated Energy also gives +70 magic power.

Fleeting Time

Already have which items and lifestel make the next item look for cooldowns but still add damage such as Fleeting Time items which will add 10% Cooldown Reduction and if you manage to get an Assist or kill it will reduce the Cooldown of the Ultimate skill by 35%.

This cooldown will be very much needed by Odette, who only uses attacks using skills. An additional 70 magic power will also make Odette sicker.

Holy Crystal

Lastly, there is the Holy Crystal, an item that will increase the damage during the late game because the Holy Crystal in addition to providing a large additional Magic Power, its passive ability will also provide an additional 15% Magic Power again on the next skill after the previous skill hits the target.



Mage is an emblem that is very suitable to be used in this build compared to the Magical emblem because the Mage emblem is an emblem that is suitable for use by heroes who deal with big and sick damage like Odette.

For the tier itself, namely tier one or two using Flow and Catastrophe which both add Magic Power, while tier 3 uses Impure Rage which is not much different, namely increasing Magic Damage from the damage produced by skills so that with these additions it will make Odette sicker.



Flicker is a spell that is very suitable for use by Odette and even attached because in addition to being used to escape, Flicker can be combined with Swan Song’s Ultimate skill so that the enemy cannot escape easily.

Well, that’s the latest build of Odette pain damage, a few tips when using Odette, it’s better to farm minions than jungle monsters because it will take time but if there are friends who help it’s okay.

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