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Build Item Chou Damage Mobile Legends

Chou is a fighter type hero without which he relies on physical attacks. He has very high mobility and can be said to be a hero who doesn’t want to stop moving.

With the agility that Chou has, he becomes a hero who can easily tear apart wars, so it’s no wonder Chou is often picked up by many players but on the other hand is often banned.


However, because the damage produced was not large, Chou was picked to become a semi tank, but that was after the latest update made Chou return as a true fighter who has great damage so that he is not only used as a semi tank.

Well, this time gamelmit will share a build of Chou damage that you can try if you want to use Chou as a fighter. Here are the items and explanations.


Rapid Boots

In Chou’s build, most of the shoe items that are usually used are assist shoes to get rich quick. Unlike this build, which features Rapid Boots.

Why? Because Rapid Boots that are used to accelerate movement speed have something to do with Chou’s passive skill. Not only that, Rapid Boots will also help speed up Chou, whose main type is roaming to another lane quickly.

Demon Hunter Sword

The item which is often shortened to DHS is the second item purchased in the next build because the presence of DHS in the early game will make Chou able to do war and speed up farming, especially killing jungle monsters.

Endless Battle

The attack item is fully loaded and of course never misses when the hero used is a fighter type like Chou because Endless Battle not only adds damage as the goal in the build but there will also be additional effects such as cooldown, lifeateal and movement speed, all of which are needed by Chou.

Barserkers Fury

Next, the fourth item is Barserkers Fury, which is an attack item with a critical damage type that will be very suitable to increase the damage produced by Chou. However, if the opponent is strong in terms of defense, it can be replaced with Malefic Roar.

Blade of Despair

As the most expensive BOD attack item, it is not much different from Barserkers Fury which will be very important to increase damage because every attack on a hero who has HP below 50% will increase Physical Damage which is quite large with a fairly short cooldown of 2 seconds.


Finally, there is Immortality which is a defense item, although Chou really needs this item because like its function apart from defense Immortality can also make the hero come back to life after being killed so that Chou who is a very agile hero will have the opportunity to escape and survive the enemy with a combination of skills. which is owned.



Fighters like Chou’s role make this emblem very suitable for builds that prioritize damage to make it more painful.

For the tier that is used alone, namely tier one Bravery to add Physical Attack, tier two uses Invasion to make it easier to kill tank heroes and the third tier uses Unbending Will to increase damage or Disabling Strike to slow down the enemy.



Flicker is a suitable battle spell for Chou to use. Besides being able to run away or chase enemies, it can also be combined with Chou’s skills.

Well, that’s the latest build item for Chou pain damage that you can use. A few tips when using Chou often roam because apart from making Chou’s passive skill rich faster, it will be of maximum use.

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