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Build GUINEVERE Fighter Mage Mobile Legends Powerful Items

How are the Savage warriors? Is the Land of Down today friendly?

Immediately, now we will discuss Guinevere’s sickest item. Guinevere is a hero with a fighter mage role that has just been released in Land of Down.

Before we proceed to the discussion of Guinevere’s painful item, please first consider Guinevere’s story/background.


The Baroque family is one of the noble families in the Land of Down. Their most authoritative skill was fencing, the family crest, which was able to frighten many opponents before they dared to attack. In addition, beauty and wisdom are also the most perfect genetic talents of the Baroque family, just like eternal beauty and Love of Violet.

Known as baroque family fencing, young Guinevere didn’t like it at all. Just like other girls, she naturally likes beautiful things. Since he was young he was sent to the magic academy. Relying on his sensitive spiritual perception and anti-gravity magic, with his interpretation, when Guinevere was 10 years old, he managed to combine mental perception with great energy and create various superpower magic effects. Such breakthroughs made Guinevere even more passionate about learning magic, and she often experimented with her new magic on her older brother, Lancelot. No matter how much Lancelot hides, he will be found by his little sister. Because of this Lancelot is often caught up in sensations he doesn’t know about. As a child, his younger sister always gave him headaches. But Lancelot still loves Guinevere. He always gave a smile to his beloved little sister. But whenever Lancelot thought of his little brother’s magic experiment, he would smile bitterly.

Recently, something had been bothering Guinevere, and making her uneasy. It was rumored that noble Paxley who had a very high magical status had proposed marriage to the Baroque family. Without a doubt, Guinevere was the right choice and Guinevere’s father seemed very willing to accept the marriage. But Guinevere who had an objection about it suddenly thought of an idea. He hopes to find his older brother Lancelot…

Guinevere’s Skills:


When Guinevere hits an opponent affected by a knockup, the damage will increase by 25%. Damage dealt to enemies accumulates Super Magic, and the next Basic Attack will increase when magic is full-he will chase the opponent, dealing (+100% total physical attack)(+120% total magic power) magic damage and recovering 10% of his HP missing.

Skill one (Energy Wave)

CD: 5.5

Guinevere fires an energy Orb in a designated direction, dealing 300(+130% total magic power) magic damage to enemies and slowing them by 70%. Meanwhile, the CD of the skill will decrease by 1 second.

Skill two (magic thump)

CD: 17.0

Guinevere performs a thump to the designated place. If she hits enemies, she will knock them up by her super magic for 1 sconds and deal 250(+80% total magic power) points of magic damage to them. Shortly after she uses this skill, she obstains new skill spatial migration.

Skill three (violet requiem)

CD: 45.0

Guinevere releases all her magic, dealing 500(+500% total magic power) magic damage to nearby enemies for two seconds. If the opponent is hit by a knock up effect, they will receive an additional knock up effect. Each opponent will receive an additional 6 knock-ups.

Guinevere’s most painful item, a fighter mage in mobile legends:

Arcane Boots ($740)

Uniqueness: +40 Movement SPD

That’s the discussion of the Painful Items GUINEVERE Fighter Mage Mobile Legends

If you have other suggestions, please write them in the comments column.

Thank you, don’t forget to share with your friends or relatives. Hope to get savage today.

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