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Build Gear Karina Savage Deadly Strongest and Sick in Mobile Legends

Karina is one of the deadliest assassins in the Mobile Legends game. Although rarely banned during ranked games, this hero is actually very deadly if played correctly. This is due to the delay in his ultimate skill which finishes immediately when the enemy is killed by him. Not only did her ultimate skill finish immediately, but also the delay of the other 2 skills was reduced by 60% which caused Karina to become a cold-blooded killer who couldn’t be stopped when all the opponent’s blood was low. Be careful of Fanny because if the Fanny player is a professional, then Karina will be difficult to fight. With the right build and strategy, and supported by teamwork, getting double kills and triple kills is not difficult, sometimes it can even be maniac and savage. This is Karina’s build gear and strategy for Savage in Ranked Games or Classic Games.


Karina’s first skill is elusiveness. With this skill, Karina gets additional movement speed, additional damage in the next attack, and becomes immune to basic attacks. This skill can be used to escape or chase the opponent. Getting a kill or assist will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 60%.

Dance of Death
By swinging her dual swords, Karina deals damage in the surrounding area. Getting kills or assists will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 60%.

Shadow Rush
This is Karina’s most deadly ultimate skill. Shadow Rush! Killing enemy heroes will end the cooldown of this skill, while getting an assist will reduce the cooldown time of this skill by 80%.

Combat Strategy

Early Game (Levels 1-8)

At the beginning of the game, buy hunting items first because they can add experience and gold so that items can be finished quickly. Then, take the Elusiveness skill (first skill) because the second skill (Dance of Death) doesn’t hurt too much. Take the magic buff on the spider (upper lane) then immediately go to the top line to defend it, if possible steal the opponent’s buff with your teammates. Maximize jungling so that Karina’s items can be made quickly. At the beginning of the game, if you want to attack the opponent’s hero, use skill 1 to attack then immediately run away to wait for the skill delay to finish then attack again, because Karina’s defense is very small when compared to Fighter or Tank heroes, except when in the middle of the game Hero Karina’s level has exceeded the level the opponent’s hero and item are ready, so it’s okay to keep attacking as long as it’s not in the tower area and the enemy doesn’t attack in the group. However, it’s better to avoid attacking the opponent’s hero before Karina’s level 4 so Karina because Karina has not got the ultimate skill. Focus on increasing Karina’s level by hunting in the forest, but don’t forget to also help the team defend the tower. If there is an opportunity, use it to kill turtles so that the team gets additional gold and exp. Take the ultimate skill level 2 when Karina has reached level 8.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

In the mid game, some of Karina’s gear should have been finished so the damage is quite painful, but has not been able to do an instant kill by removing all her skills. Frequently look at the map to help the team defeat the opponent’s hero, especially those whose blood is low or dying. It’s better not to use the ultimate skill if you’re not sure your opponent can be defeated. Keep hunting in the jungle to keep Karina’s level up. Take the ultimate skill level 3 when Karina reaches level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In the late game, be careful of sudden attacks from the opponent, especially if the attack is done in a group. Try not to push the lane alone because the risk of being in the alley by the opponent is greater. Take the ultimate skill level 3 when Karina has reached level 15. During war, focus on attacking the opponent’s Marksman. Use skill 1 to run, continue with the ultimate skill, then attack the opponent’s marksman, and end with skill 2. Supposedly if all of Karina’s gear or items are ready, the opponent’s marksman will die immediately even though his blood is full and if not, only a little blood is left. If the opponent’s marksman’s blood or HP remains a little and he runs away. Try to keep chasing and killing him, but if blocked by the opponent’s tank and mage (especially those who can stun), then it’s better to retreat than Karina to be killed by being attacked at the same time. When it’s very late in the game and there is still gold left, use it to buy magic potions so that Karina’s damage hurts even more.

Guide Build Gear Karina

Clock of Destiny

Karina’s Magic Power will continue to increase by 5 points to 10 times over time, plus HP and Mana that make Karina stronger.

Arcane Boots

Useful for increasing movement speed and damage. With these shoes and the Elusiveness skill, Karina should be hard to catch when running.

Concentrated Energy

With this item, Karina becomes difficult to beat, because in addition to her large damage, her blood also recovers when attacking with skills.

Holy Crystal

With this crystal, Karina’s magic power will increase by up to 25%

Devil Tears

The magic effect will increase and it will hurt more when Karina’s blood is more than 70%, that’s why concentrated energy is needed so that there is no need to return to base when the blood decreases, just need to jungling.

Blood Wings

With Blood Wings, Karina’s blood and magic power will increase, becoming more difficult to defeat as she has more blood.

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