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Build Floryn Mobile Legends The Painful And Strongest 2021

With the floryn mobile legends build that we recommend this time, it will make the support hero sick and strong while in the land of down. His skill set is quite simple and can be understood easily. His ability to heal teams in a wide range makes Flolyn a hero that is quite considered when draft picks.

Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, always presents new heroes. Starting from role mage, assassin, tank, fighter, mm, to support each other brought in alternately. Now in the latest patch update, Moonton presents the hero Floryn, a support hero who has the ability to heal in a wide area.

guide floryn mlbb
guide floryn mlbb

Now if you have bought this new mobile legends hero but don’t know how to use it and what items are recommended, please refer to the following travelandword team review. Previously we have also discussed the sickest beatrix build that you can try.

Floryn MLBB Skill Guide

Before discussing what floryn builds are used, you should first understand the skills they have. Starting from passive skills to ultimate. here’s a full explanation:

Passive Skill – Dew

During the battle, floryn is accompanied by a dew which is her passive skill. The dew has a house called the lantern of hope which can increase floryn’s magic power by 20% and movement speed by 5%. Dew and lantern of hope will continue to collect stacks every 4 seconds (4 stacks). When the skill hits the enemy, the stack will increase by 5.

When it reaches 1,000 stacks, the lantern of hope will turn into a glow of hope which can increase 40 magic power, 5% CD reduction and 10% movement speed. Not only that, while at the base Floryn can also share a lantern of hope with one of his comrades in which the partner will get one item slot.

Build Floryn Mobile Legends hurts
Build Floryn Mobile Legends hurts

Skill 1 – Sow

Floryn will throw energy in the specified direction. When hit by an enemy, the enemy will receive magical damage. Interestingly, the energy that hits the enemy will turn into a healing fruit that can have a healing effect on him and other colleagues nearby.

Skill 2 – Sprout

Floryn uses the power of the dew to shoot energy in a designated direction. This energy gives magic damage and a stun effect. However, this stun effect can only be active on the reflection effect. This means that we cannot lock the enemy directly, we must direct it precisely. But the good news, these effects can be active in a fairly wide area.

Ultimate Skill – Bloom

His ultimate skill will heal a team five times in 4 seconds. Interestingly, this heal effect reaches one map, such as Yi Sun Shin’s ultimate. With these global healing skills, of course, he can support the team flexibly because it heals from a distance. You can imagine how the OP of this hero is.

Recommended Build for Floryn Mobile Legends

best build floryn the strongest hurt 2021 mobile legends
best build floryn the strongest hurt 2021 mobile legends

Lantern of Hope

This is a mandatory item for a floryn that cannot be exchanged for other items. Lantern of hope will provide magic power, movement speed and cooldown reduction.

Demon Shoes – Favor

To help his teammates during battle, floryn must always spam skills to heal. Of course this eats up quite a lot of mana. Therefore you can buy demon shoes items so you can get the mana regen ability.

Fleeting Time

After buying shoes, then you can start thinking about buying fleeting time items. As we know, fleeting time is an item that can reduce the ultimate skill cooldown by 30%. With the ultimate skill that floryn has, of course this item is very useful. In addition, fleeting time can also provide 70 magic power and 15% cooldown reduction.

Necklace Of Durance

The next strongest florun ml build is the necklace of durability or commonly abbreviated as NOD. NOD is an item that can reduce enemy regen. You can also start buying this one item at the beginning of the game to inhibit enemy growth in the early stages. NOD will also provide 60 magic power, 10% magic life steal and reduce cooldown 5%.


As a support hero you also need to think about defense items. Oracle is a very suitable item for a floryn. Because in addition to getting additional HP, magic defense is also a passive effect that can increase shield and HP regen up to 30%. In addition oracle can also reduce the cooldown. With various items that can reduce the cooldown, of course you can spam skills continuously.


As a support, floryn is certainly the target of hero assassin heroes during the battle. Therefore, in the late game you can buy immortality which can make it come back to life when you die. But if you want to be more offensive, you can buy an ice queen wand which can reduce enemy movement speed and give magic damage.

Spell Floryn Mobil Legends

There are two spells that we recommend. Of course its use is also by looking at the consideration of the enemy hero to be faced.

spell floryn mlbb
spell floryn mlbb
  • Flameshot
    This spell can provide a fairly large additional damage which can kill the enemy instantly from a distance when the enemy is dying.
  • Flicker
    If you want to play it safe, you can use flicker to escape when locked.

Combo Floryn ML Sick 2021

Unlike assassins whose job is to finish off mm or mage in one skill combo. The use of floryn skills is quite flexible. When in battle you can spam skill 1 and use skill 2 if available. Now in using this skill 2 you have to be observant in directing to the enemy in order to give a stun effect.

Finally, you can issue the ultimate skill to heal a team. The use of this ultimate skill is quite flexible whether you are near the battle or on another lane. Therefore you must often communicate with teammates.

The final word

That was the guide and recommendation for the sickest floryn mobile legends 2021 build. Hopefully it can be useful reference material, especially for those of you who like to play with role support.

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