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Build Faramis Mobile Legends, New Support Hero That Can Turn Friends

Build Faramis Mobile Legends, New Support Hero That Can Turn Friends

A while ago Mobile Legends just updated to the latest version which presents a new hero, Faramis. This latest support mage has a pretty annoying ability, which is being able to revive dead friends. This time, Dunia Games will provide build recommendations for Faramis to use. Let’s take a good look at this Faramis build.

Rapid Boots

Mobile Legends

The first item, of course, is Faramis using an item that increases movement speed. Shoes that are very suitable for Faramis have Rapid Boots which increase movement speed up to 80 points. With that much movement speed, Faramis can roam quickly.

There is another shoe item that Faramis can use, namely Magic Shoes if you want to increase cooldown reduction in the early game.

Clock of Destiny

Mobile Legends

Then next there is the Clock of Destiny which can increase magic power, max HP, and max mana. Clock of Destiny also has a passive that can increase magic power and max HP over time.

This item is very useful for Faramis in the early game to the late game. Therefore Clock of Destiny is a must-have item for Faramis.

Blood Wings

Mobile Legends

Blood Wings is the most expensive magic power enhancing item in Mobile Legends. Blood Wings increases 150 magic power and 500 max HP. This item can also change 1 point of magic power into 1.5 points of max HP which will make Faramis have high damage and survival skills.

If you can’t afford to buy Blood Wings because you have little gold, you can replace it with Winter Truncheon or Ice Queen Wan.

Athena Shield

Mobile Legends

For the fourth item, Faramis can use Athena Shield to increase max HP, magical defense, and HP Regen. Athena Shield also has a passive that provides an additional shield for Faramis which makes him more tanky in Mobile Legends.

Lightning Truncheon

Mobile Legends

Furthermore, there is an item that can increase Faramis’ damage, namely Lightning Truncheon. This item increases magic power, max mana, and cooldown reduction which will allow Faramis to produce high damage.

Fleeting Time

Mobile Legends

The last item is Fleeting Time which provides additional magic power and cooldown reduction status for Faramis. Fleeting Time can make Faramis able to issue skills often because he already has a high cooldown reduction.

So, those were the build recommendations that are very suitable for Faramis. Hopefully this article can help you in using Faramis. Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games social media to get more tips about Mobile Legends

Source: DuniaGames

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