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Build Brody Tank Mobile Legends ala BREN KarlTzy, Marksman Becomes Thick!

On the title M2 World Championship yesterday, there were a lot of things that were quite surprising and one of them was Brody build Tank used by BREN KarlTzy. Well for those of you who want to try to build Brody Tank ala KarlTzy, let’s take a look at the build discussion through this article, guys!

Build Brody Tank ala BREN KarlTzy

Build Brody Tank ala BREN KarlTzy

Beast Killer

For the first item, here KarlTzy seen using a jungling item named Beast Killer. This item will increase Physical Armor and Magic Resist by 20 points, and has a passive that allows Brody to inflict damage and give a slow effect for 2 seconds after Brody receives damage equivalent to 10% of his max HP.

As is Beast Killer in the early game, for sure Brody it will be thicker but still able to produce quite painful damage thanks to its passive effect.

Other than that, Beast Killer also has an additional passive effect, namely Brody will be able to inflict additional damage to jungle monsters — making Brody faster in doing farming.

Warrior Boots

For item movement selection, here Brody using the shoe item named Warrior Boots to increase Movement Speed ​​and additional Physical Armor. As is Warrior Boots, Definitely Brody can withstand physical damage attacks well thanks to the addition of a fairly high Armor from Warrior Boots.

Antique Cuirass

Next, KarlTzy use Antique Cuirass as his third defense item to make Brody the thicker and the more difficult it is to be kidnapped by the opposing Assassin. Antique Cuirass provides 900 HP, 30 HP regen, and an additional 60 Physical Defense.

Not only that, Antique Cuirass also has a passive effect that can reduce the enemy’s Physical Attack and Magic Power by 5% which can be stacked 4 times if the enemy attacks Brody.

Athena’s Shield

After enough with additional Armor, then next Brody have to use items to increase Magic Defense like Athena’s Shield so that he is not hit by a sick burst from the opposing Mage.

Athena’s Shield is a defense item that will increase 900 HP, 20 HP regen, and 75 Magic Defense. Not only that, Athena’s Shield also has a unique passive that makes Brody can get an additional shield that can absorb enemy damage of 170 to 1150 damage.

Malefic Roar

In this Tank build, KarlTzy only use one damage item, that is Malefic Roar. As is Malefic Roar, Brody can still inflict quite a lot of damage because Malefic Roar Increases 60 Physical Attack, 5% Movement Speed, and 40% Physical Penetration. Malefic Roar also has a passive that makes Brody ignore 25% of the opponent’s turret defense,


Immortality is an item that must be used by Brody Tank because in addition to increasing HP and Defense, Immortality also has a passive Resurrection that allows Brody to rise from the dead.

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Well that’s the build Brody Tank Mobile Legends ala BREN KarlTzy used in the title M2 World Championship.

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