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Build the Best Malphite Mid Lane Items and Runes in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Malphite is a multi-talented champion. He is usually played as Support, but not infrequently players bring the original champion Ixtal it’s to Mid Lane or Baron Lane as a certain counter champion.

The last few months, the author started trying to use Malphite to Mid Lane with a focus on building Tanks as a counter to Assassin which is increasingly mushrooming in the lane. The result is fairly successful and now the author will provide a brief guide to help you play Malphite in Mid Lane.

Build the Best Malphite Items and Runes in League of Legends: Wild Rift

First of all, let’s take a look at the items that can be used Malphite in order to survive in Mid Lane. For initial items, the author recommends that you buy Amplifying Tom or Ruby Crystal based on what kind of opponent you are facing.

Amplifying Tom to face Assassin which relies on melee attacks, while Ruby Crystal for the sake of continuity on the lane.

Core item of Malphite Mid is almost similar to Baron Lane, that is Rod of Ages and Liandry’s Torment. But if you are very confident, take Luden’s Echo and Awakened Soulstealer for full AP is not a problem.


To Boots, the author usually uses Ionian Boots of Lucidity and use Enchant Stasis or Rocketbelt Enchant depending on the match situation.

If the enemy gets a big advantage, then Stasis will be very helpful Malphite stay alive. But if you want to do more damage while making it easier to initiate a teamfight or get close to the target, Rocketbelt is the best choice.

For the last 2 items, the author recommends that you buy defensive items like Iceborn Gauntlet and Abyssal Mask. After that you can go a little crazy, whether with offensive items like Void Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap, or you can also thicken Malphite with other defense items.

Then regarding runes, writers used to use Summon: Aery because the author prefers to poke as often as possible and use Tank builds. Electrocute also a pretty interesting choice if you use a full AP build and want to give burst damage through short combos.


The secondary rune that the writer chose was Brutal, Conditioning, and Manaflow Band. The three runes provide additional sustain for Malphite on the lane, both in terms of HP and where.

Moment Malphite play in Mid Lane and forced to fight Assassin as Zed and Akali, try to continue to poke with Seismic Shard every time they try to make a last hit. After reaching level 5 and getting the ultimate, you can signal the Jungler to gank and get one easy kill.


Unfortunately, the relentless poke strategy is less effective against Mage as Orianna and Aurelion Sol. When fighting Mage, the author advises you to play defensively below turret and last hits as much as possible.

After reaching level 5, you can try to go all-in or summon a Jungler to help secure a kill.

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Malphite is a reliable teamfighter. Unstoppable Force able to turn around a teamfight situation in an instant or even be the key to your team’s victory. Don’t let you guys not be present in the battle and make sure Unstoppable Force about multiple targets.

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