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Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Hi everyone, this time Carakute would like to share Bennett build support Genshin Impact. As we know, Bennett is one of the pyro support characters that healers can give when he removes his elemental strike.

However, the downside, which I find very unfortunate, is that the healing Bennett gives is only up to 70% of your character’s HP. If I’m not mistaken, 70% yes, I forgot a little.

Okay, you don’t have to talk a lot, let’s talk about the Bennett support build, starting with the composition of tea, weapons, artifacts and ending with talent that needs improvement to get better support results.

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Before entering the Weapons and Artifacts section, consider the makeup of the team when building Bennett. As in the picture, Bennett is suitable to be paired with DPS games like Diluc and Klee.

Pyro’s fellow characters receive an elementary resonance when they are united in the same group, the Fervent flames, which reduces the duration of Cryo’s attacks by 40% and increases ATK by 25%.

In addition, Keqing has also grown Bennett. You can use these two characters to create an overloaded element reaction. If you already own this character, you can mimick the Keqing DPS build discussed earlier.

Bennett Support Genshin Impact Senjata

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Additionally, there are a variety of weapons Bennett can use for role support, from 5-star to 4-star weapons, here you can customize the weapons you need to suit your usual play style.

If you only need Bennet to set off elemental (ulti) explosions, you can use status weapons Recharge energy like Skyward Blade (B5), sacrificial sword (B4) or Favonius sword (B4).

On the other hand, if you need Bennet with a bit more damage, you can use guns Physical DMG bonus like Aquila Favonia (B5) or Prototype Rancor (B4).

Bennett Support Genshin Impact

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

There are 2 options for using artifacts to build Bennett support which you can see in the picture above. For the first option, it is highly recommended to use 4 sets of artifacts noblesse oblige. 4 sets or 4 of these artifacts when paired together increases 20% DMG Elemental Burst and increases 20% ATK for all party members after Elemental Burst starts

For those who don’t have a noblesse artifact, you can use
The exile 2 pieces, and Scholars 2 pieces. Each of these artifacts increases the energy charge by 20%.

For those unfamiliar with the artifact installation system, there are 5 empty slots when using artifacts. The 5 empty spaces can be filled with 2 similar artifacts or 4 similar artifacts. If you install 4 similar artifacts, you will get 2 buffs or bonuses from those artifacts. But if you only combine 2 parts you will only get 1 buff. The other slot can be filled with anything.

This is an example of using the Bennet support artifact, which is highly recommended. On the right you can see that there is a bonus set if you use 4 artifacts of the same type as I said

When choosing the status of the artifact itself, it is very important to look for one that has HP% status for chalices, healing bonus for rings, energy charge, and HP% for other artifacts.

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Talent Upgrade Bennett Support Genshin Impact

Since we are only focusing on healing, the most important thing to upgrade is the Elemental Strike talent, namely
Fantastic trip. If it gets stuck, you can further improve the elemental ability, namely Passion overload, and the last one then
Lucky strike

Build Bennett Support Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Although he can only heal up to 70 of the maximum HP, once built he is still a highly recommended character, especially if you don’t have any other support heroes.

Hero support is required, there must be at least 2 supports. Because in the abyss we need 2 supports for 2 different parties. So start your build support as best you can.

I think it is enough that our discussion of Bennett’s Genshin Impact build is enough here, hopefully what I am saying can be useful for friends. Do you need help against bosses? Just call.

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