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Build Beatrix Sick 2021, New Marskman in Mobile Legends

Build Beatrix Tersakit 2021- The role of marskman is still a fairly favorite role to play in the mobile legends game. Even teams such as evos or RRQ also often use MM when competing. Even though it doesn’t give significant damage at the beginning of the game, MM can be a deadly weapon in the late game. Especially if it is accompanied by a painful build and in accordance with the skills possessed.

Not long ago Moonton re-released a new hero with the role of marskman, namely Beatrix. This hero can be said to be the most difficult mm hero to play to date. Because there are 4 types of weapons used with different abilities, namely Bennet, REnnet, Nibiru and Wesker.

beatrix skill combo ml
beatrix skill combo ml

Despite being an MM with a high level of difficulty, Beatrix remains a tire subscription because of its high power. Especially if it is balanced with the right beatrix ML build. The enemy is the auto surounder in the late game! Before discussing the best beatrix build, let’s first look at the skills we have.

Beatrix ML Skill Guide

Several pro players have tried and reviewed this one hero through their youtube channel. One of them is RRQ Lemon who says the damage is illogical. Indeed Moonton often makes heroes over power for his new heroes. The following is an explanation of Beatrix’s weapon as stated on the MLBB page.

hero marksman is sick in mobile legends 2021
hero marksman is sick in mobile legends 2021
  • Runner: Renner can shoot bullets with very large damage
  • Bennet: Bullets that can be aimed at a predetermined location. Besides that, renner also gives slow and damage area
  • Wesker: Meanwhile Wesker provides bullets that can be fired continuously for a certain time.
  • Nibiru: Fires five fast bullets in a small area and can lock on the target.

All of the above weapons can be used for basic attacks. As for the skills, the skills are as follows:

  • Skill 1: increases physical attack by 30 percent and is used to change weapons
  • skill 2: dash in the specified direction and reset the bullet
  • Ultimate Wesker: shoots all the bullets you have
  • Ultimate Niibiru: Shoots 6 bullets quickly forward (this skill makes beatrix not move).
  • Need backup: When activating need backup, you must choose 2 weapons to use.

Build Beatrix Sick 2021

So that beatrix’s skills or abilities can be maximized, please use the following build:

Build Beatrix Sick 2021
Build Beatrix Sick 2021
  1. Swift Boots
    As a marksman, you really need attack speed, wait. For that you can use swift boots to increase attack speed, especially in the early game.
  2. Raptor Machete
    This item helps you to quickly farm at the beginning of the game. In addition, you also get an additional 30 physical attacks, and 15% physical penetration.
  3. haas’s claws
    In addition to providing 70 physical attacks, this item is also known for its unique ability, namely lifesteal
  4. Corrosion scythe
    His passive ability is to make the target slow by 30% in line with the beatrix skill. The weapon bennet gives also has the effect of slowing the target.
  5. Malefic Roar
    For this one item, it is actually optional. If the enemy has high physical defense, then it is mandatory to use a malefic roar known as a tank killer. This item gives 60 physical attacks and 40% physical penetration.
  6. Blade of despair
    Want to make Beatrix’s build hurt? please buy BOD. This item is the most expensive item in mobile legends. By buying BOD you can get an additional 160 physical attacks and if the enemy’s HP is less than 50% the ability increases by 25%. That of course makes a lot of pain and easily makes the enemy die.
  7. Rose Gold Meteor
    If you play until the late game, please sell the raptor machete and replace it with a rose gold meteor. In addition to providing additional damage and lifesteal, you will also get a shield when your life is dying.

Beatrix Mobile Legends emblem hurts

Presented to add a marksman role slot, of course the best beatrix emblem is the marksman emblem because it can increase attack speed, physical attack, physical penetration and also critical damage. As for the talents on the most suitable emblems, they are as follows.

best beatrix emblem
best beatrix emblem

Talent 1: Bravery

Unlike mm in general, beatrix is ​​more suitable to use bravery because it can increase physical attack by 4 points per level. With this talent, the damage is even greater.

Talent 2: Swift

Meanwhile in talent 2 you can choose swift to increase attack speed.

Talent 3: Weakness Finder

With weakness finder, beatrix’s basic attack can have a 20% chance to reduce the target’s movement speed and attack speed.

Battle Spell Beatrix ML

There are two spells that are most suitable for Beatrix to use, namely flicker and retribution. Flicker is indeed a spell that is often used by a marksman. Because we can save ourselves from the target of a deadly assassin. Meanwhile, retribution can be used if you act as a core or jungler. By using retribution, you can buy jungle items.

guide beatrix ml
guide beatrix ml


The strength of MM generally lies in the basic attack, as well as this beatrix, there is no definite combo. You can adjust the weapon to the conditions in the battle area. A few tips, use Wesker when farming or dueling with enemies because it has the advantage of melee attacks. While the renner weapon for long-range attacks. If you need big damage, use nibiru or bennet. Both can be used in all situations.

That was the discussion about the guide and the sickest beatrix build 2021. Before you use it for push rank, it’s a good idea to learn the skills first in Vs Ai mode. The reason is that it is quite complicated to use.

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