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Build Aamon Hurts, New Hero Mobile Legends

Are you a user assassin? Must know Build Aamon hurts! The new ml hero has arrived on the advance server. That means, the latest hero assassin in mobile legends will be released soon. With the ability to burst damage, Aamon will become a favorite core hero. Moonton plans to present him as the 109th hero, while currently there are 108 heroes.

strongest buld aammon ml
strongest buld aammon ml

In the storyline that is built, aamon ML is the brother of gumon. The appearance is quite similar as an assassin hero with a beautiful appearance and armed with a knife. Even their specialization is also the same, namely burst / magic damage.

So when will aamon mobile legends be released? It is predicted that the assassin will appear in the land of dawn in October 2021. So before that, you can learn about it first. Starting from the skill skills and also the sickest and strongest build to carry your team.

Aamon ML Skill Explanation

Aamon’s skills are quite interesting. As an assassin he actually relies on basic attacks. Interestingly, Aamon has a passive skill similar to Natalia / Lesley where he can disappear. The following is an explanation of each skill it has.

Passive Skill – Invisible Armor

The passive of this aamon produces a malefic blade that can absorb the opponent’s magic damage into a demonic blade when hit. Aamon stores the demonic blade in his armor and can enter invisible mode where he cannot be targeted and gains movement speed. Yes, similar to skill 1 Lesley. This effect will end when aamon attacks or takes damage.

Skill 1 – Soul Blades

Aamon attacks the targeted opponent with five shards. This 1st skill deals damage and will also reset the basic attack. When he picks up a thrown shard it will make it disappear and gain additional movement speed.

aamon guide skills
aamon guide skills

Skill 2 – Slayer Blades

Aamon launches a sword at the target and when it hits the target it will immediately return and he gets additional speed and invisibility / disappears. If it doesn’t hit the target, it will be silent for a while then come back again and get the same effect.

Ultimate Skill – Endless Blades

Ultimate aamon is not so painful. It will convert its energy into 6-12 malefic blades and then throw it at nearby enemies. But when the opponent is dying, the damage given is getting sicker.

With the skills he has, he becomes a quite unique assassin. Quite simple to play. It will turn off in the middle of the game or at the end of the game. While in the early it is not so sick. Therefore he needs farming to buy the following items.

Build Aamon Sick 2021

The main ability of aamon is its passive which can disappear and increase movement speed. In addition, he also relies on his basic attack. Therefore, here are the builds that we recommend.

build aamon hurt hero mobile legends
build aamon hurt hero mobile legends

Arcane Boots

As a mage assassin, arcane boots are the first item you can buy. In addition to increasing movement speed, these shoes also add 10 magic penetration. In addition, rapit boots can also be used, considering that he does not have a dash skill to stay away from war. The only thing he escaped was by relying on his passive. With neat boots you can run faster.


Aamon is indeed an assassin mage, but he also relies on his hits/basic attacks against enemies. Therefore, the windtalker is the item we recommend to buy next. This item provides 40% attack speed, additional movement speed and also crit change.

Feather Of Heafen

The skill is getting sicker by using this item. FOH will give 65 magic power, additional attack speed and also movement speed. This is of course in line with Ammon’s skills.

Concentrated Energy

As an assassin who relies on basic attacks, he needs lifesteal magic and additional HP. Therefore, this item is very useful for him.

Calamity Reaper

Then you can buy the Calamity Reaper to add 70 magic power and reduce Cool Down. In addition, this item also gives 100 mana and mana regen. In addition, the passive from the Calamity Reaper will also produce true damage to the basic attack.

Blood Wings

The last aamon build is a blood wing to make it sicker. Because this item provides 150 magic power, besides that it will also get 500 hp. Plus the passive that can get a shield. Of course this will work very well during the late game.

Spell Aamon Mobile Legends

Aamon is recommended as a core/hyper. Therefore the spell used is retribution. However, if you play in side flicker or execute, you can consider it.

That was the explanation about the latest aamon build, the latest mobile legends assassin hero with fairly unique skills. Hopefully the information above is useful, don’t forget to also read the sick floryn build, a support hero who has extraordinary healing abilities.

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