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Build 2021 Harley Items from Top 1 Global with Mage Emblem

Harley is a hero with a mage role, this one mage is a little different from the other mages. Harley does not have crowd control skills or damage area skills like most other mages. But this mage hero has his own specialties, he can become one of the heroes with a high level of agility thanks to his 2nd skill.

In addition to having good agility, Harley can also pick up enemies with low HP. Thanks to the ability of the combination of skill 1 and the ultimate skill, marksman or assassin can be killed instantly. You have to maximize this great ability with suitable items, besides that it must also be supported by the right set of emblems and of course qualified skills.

That’s why we will now discuss Harley 2021 Item Builds from the Global Top 1 with Mage Emblems. We will discuss one by one starting from the battle spell, the right set of emblems and of course the Harley 2021 item build from the global top 1.
Without much further ado, let’s go straight to our discussion, namely Build Harley 2021 Items from Top 1 Global with Mage Emblem. Let’s start with the battle spells commonly used by Harley’s top 1 globals.
To speed up farming, Harley is suitable to use battle spell retribution. That way Harley can quickly level up and collect gold to buy items. The following below is a description of the battle spell retribution.

Deals 540(+60*hero level) True damage to nearby creeps or minions (damage increases with level).
Passive: when carrying equipment jungling items, permanently reduces the damage taken from creeps by 40%.
One that can maximize Harley’s potential is the right set of emblems. Here below is a set of emblems that you can use for Harley, of course the set of emblems below is a set of emblems commonly used by top 1 global Harleys.

Purchased equipment items for 90% gold
And the last thing that can maximize Harley’s abilities is of course build items that you can recommend in the game. Here’s the 2021 Harley Item Build from Top 1 Global
And below is an explanation of each item used by the top 1 global Harley

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD


Unique Passive-Resonate: Every 6 seconds, the next magic skill will deal extra magic damage to 3 opponents who are on the same scale as the hero’s mana.

Unique-Time Passive: Adds 30 HP and 5 Magic attacks every 30 seconds. Maximum up to 10 times.
Unique Passive-Reincarnate: If time reaches max, the hero will get extra 5% magic attack and 300 mana.

Unique Passive-Ice Bound: A skill that deals damage to enemy heroes, slowing them down by 15%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. Can be stacked up to two times.

Unique Passive-Scorch: Damage skill will burn the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic damage per second (damage to the same target multiple times in a short time can increase this damage to a maximum of up to 2.5 %). Minimum 10 damage.

Unique Passive-Magic: Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce their Magic defense by 3~10 (Scales with level). This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.
That’s our article entitled Build Item Harley 2021 from Top 1 Global with Mage Emblem. Hopefully it will be useful and make it easier for you to win matches in ranked mode or classic mode. What do you think? Please write in the comments column! Thank you for reading our article, see you in our next article.

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