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Blade & Soul Revolution Confirmed To Be Released Worldwide This Year!

Netmarble announced that the game MMORPG open world, Blade & Soul Revolution finally released globally. The news was previously shown in 2021, however, now an official statement has emerged. Although there is no definite release date yet, we believe that the game will be released in 2021.

Blade & Soul Revolution made NCsoft it brings beautiful art to the mobile platform, and also provides visual effects 3D complete, powered by technology Unreal Engine 4.

Blade & Soul Revolution

If you ask if this game is paid or free, Blade & Soul Revolution can be played for free. With in-app purchases in it, we don’t think you will be surprised to hear this statement, because it has indeed become a typical free game on the mobile platform.

Executive producer Netmarble, Andy Kang, issued a press release.

“Team Netmarble happy to work with NCSoft again to make a mobile version of Blade & Soul which has been around for quite a while.

Our success in Lineage 2: Revolution really shows a strong demand to present the experience MMORPG full-featured that can be easily picked up and played by players all over the world.

“We are eager to continue that success with Blade & Soul Revolution.” he insisted.

You need to know, that the Blade & Soul 2 game is also made by NCsoft (currently only available in Korea), which will later be available on the mobile platform.

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