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Best Yve Item Build Mobile Legends 2021

Mage with unique powers has arrived in the Land of Dawn. This mage has a power that is predicted to be very influential in the Land of Dawn, and will even become the next top banned hero. According to the story Yve is from Mithlora, the wife of the Galaxi region. The number of people is small but has tremendous power. However, they also have a mortal opponent, the swarm. As the universe’s most proficient hunters born with enormous powers, Yve’s race must find and deal with Swarms wherever they appear.

Like most Mobile Legends heroes, Yve also has 3 active skills and one passive skill that you can use to conquer the Land of Dawn. Here are those skills

Passive (Galactic Power)


Yve gains galactic power every time he deals damage to an opposing hero using his skill, which increases his usable ultimate to a maximum of 10 stacks.

Skill 1 (Void Blast)


Yve releases a burst of galactic energy, dealing damage to targets within the area of ​​effect. Targets in the center area will receive additional damage.

Skill 2 (Void Crystal)


Yve summoned the Void Crystal. After he uses this skill again, the crystal will quickly emit material energy in the specified direction for 2.7 seconds, dealing damage to captured enemies and slowing them down.

Skill 3/Ultimate (Real World Manipulation)

Brut Damage

Yve creates a Starfield that lasts 15 seconds, during which it will not be Crowd Controlled by opponents and its location will not change. Tap to deal heavy damage or slide to deal continuous damage and slow the target.

So, that’s a brief explanation of Yve’s skills, before we get into YVE’s BEST BUILD ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS, here are the basic attributes Yve has.

Next, let’s discuss one by one about YVE’s BEST BUILD ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS. We will discuss in full starting with Emblems and of course Yve’s best items.

Because Yve is a hero mage, of course the emblem we recommend is the mage emblem, as shown in the following picture.

MAGE Emblem

Magic PEN +13.50

Magic Power +17

Cooldown reduction +5%

Magical Lifesteal +5%

Movement SPD +2%


When dealing damage more than 7% of the target’s max HP 3 times for 5 seconds, it will burn the target 3 times, each burn effect deals 82~250 magic damage. This effect has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Next up is the BEST YVE ITEMS BUILD, here are the items we recommend.



+75 Magic Power

+10% Magical Lifesteal

+150 Mana

+7% Movement SPD

Unique Passive-Ice Bound: A skill that deals damage to enemy heroes, slowing them down by 15%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. Can be stacked up to two times.



+6 Mana regen

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD.

Unique Passive-Mysticism: Eliminating enemy heroes or getting assists will restore 10% of mana. Eliminating minions will restore 4% mana.



+75 Magic Power

+5% Movement SPD

Attribute: +15 Magical PEN

Unique Passive-Magic: Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce their Magic defense by 3~10 (Scales with level). This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.



+75 Magic Power

+400 HP

+5% Movement SPD

Unique Passive-Scorch: Skill damage will burn the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic damage per second (damage to the same target multiple times in a short time can increase this damage to a maximum of 2%) . Minimum 10 damage.



+100 Magic Power

Unique Passive-Mystery: Increases Magic Attack by 21%-35% (Increases with level)



+60 Magic Power

+25 Physical Defense

+400 HP

Active-Freeze Skill: Causes a Freeze effect when used. Hero can’t do anything but will get immune to all damage and debuffs. Lasts for 2 seconds with a Cooldown of 100 seconds.

So that’s our discussion now about YVE’s BEST BUILD ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS, hopefully it’s useful and you can use it in ranked mode.

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