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Best Guide Build Gear Support Estes Top Global MVP

Estes is a support type hero who has the ability to heal. With his abilities, Estes’s team becomes more difficult to defeat because Estes’s hero’s HP can be healed and restored by Estes when fighting against enemies. Use the battle spell flickr that can help Estes to escape from enemy attacks that are chasing her. Install the mage emblem so that Estes’ abilities and heal effects are felt even more. Here’s the Guide to Build Estes Sang Moon Elf in Mobile Legends (Skill, Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play)

Estes Skills

Scripture of The Moon Elf (Passive)

Code of Moon Elves will fill Estes’ energy and when it is full, the damage from Estes’ basic attack will then increase and give a slow effect to the opponent.

Moonlight Immersion
Heals the target team’s hero and slowly recovers his HP. If it is too far away, then the effect of this skill will be lost or canceled.

Domain of Moon Goddess
Makes a circle of Flood of Moonlight area that gives damage and slow effects to the opponent.

Blessing of Moon Goddess (Ultimate)
Regenerates the HP of Estes and all of his team’s heroes who are nearby.

Estes Play Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 2 first because it is more useful for slowing down enemies, especially in the early game where assassins usually hunt more in the forest and there is no war so skill 1 is not useful. Immediately to the lane up or down. Prioritize taking skill 1 and the ultimate skill, if there are leftovers, then raise skill 2.

Mid Game
Help a friend who is at war, use skill 1 to heal a friend who is dying or his HP is low. If necessary, use the ultimate skill to turn things around when the HP of most of the Estes team’s heroes are low and start to be pushed by the opponent.

Late Game
In the late game Estes must be very careful and don’t go forward alone or near grass or bushes because Estes is usually targeted first because Estes’ heal skills are very troublesome and make it difficult for enemies to kill Estes’ friends. Buy magic potions in the late game to increase Estes’ magic power so that the regeneration effect of her heal skills is felt even more.

Guide Build Gear Estes

Enchanted Talisman
Add magic power, HP, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration effects

Magic Shoes
Increase movement speed and cooldown reduction

Increases HP, magic resistance, cooldown reduction, and increases shield absorption and 25% HP regeneration effect

Winter Truncheon
Add magic power, armor, and HP

2x Blood of Wings
Increase magic power and HP significantly

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