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Best Build Tartaglia Genshin Impact Update

Here is recommendation for the overpowered Tartaglia Genshin Impact Build. Tartaglia or Childe recently appeared as a rerun character that many people have been waiting for. There is something unique about this character, namely the play mechanism that can change attacks from ranged to melee. 

Now, how do you build Tartaglia so that the damage is really bad? Without further ado, let's find out.


Actually almost all bows are suitable for Childe, but what we are looking for here is the right passive.  If the suggestion from us, you can use Rust, Stringless, Prototype Crescent, or Blackcliff Warbow. 

If we choose Rust because it increases normal attacks, or The Stringless so that ultimate hurts more. 



  • There are three choices of artifact sets that you can choose according to your gameplay:
  • If you want to focus on burst damage, use 2-set Heart of Depth and 2-set Nobless Obliege
  • If you want the hit from your skill to be more painful, use the 4-set Heart of Depth because it increases normal attack after skill by 30%.
  • As for the overalls, you can use 2-set Heart of Depth and 2-set Gladiator's Finale. 


Not much different from other DPS, Tartaglia also focuses on stats that can increase its damage such as Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Hydro Damage Bonus and ATK. 

So if you want your Tartaglia to be sicker, make sure you use the Hydro Damage Bonus accompanied by a large Crit Rate or Crit Damage. 

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