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Arul Pro Player FF Facts And Photos

Photos of Arul Pro Player FF have been looking for a lot lately. Maybe you stopped by here too because you were curious about this little figure. His name emerged after the FFML season 3 tournament performance some time ago. Joined in Dranix Esport, his actions are often in the public spotlight. Want to know more about Dranix Arul? let’s see the following review.

The Free Fire game often brings up names that later become new idols, especially for FF players. If some time ago there was a scene with the hilarious figure of Corporal Jono on his youtube channel, recently he was excited by the name Arul who emerged from the prestigious national level FF tournament, namely FFML season 3 and FFIM 2021 Spring.

Who is Arul FF?

Apart from his above average abilities, Arul has become a hot topic for fans of free fire games because he is still very young for a pro player. Yup, the owner of the full name Syahrul Ulum is still 14 years old.

The FFML season 3 tournament became the first stage for Arul to show off. At first he played free fire because a friend introduced him to his house complex. Because he was addicted he continued to play until he joined a tournament. Several times he participated in local tournaments and eventually entered the competitive realm, namely the Jakarta Army Guild. With his squad, he won 4th place in the ESL Jagoan Series.

This ability makes Dranix’s captain, Maung, interested in asking for her hand. Of course it is a great achievement. Because Dranix Esport himself won FFIM season 2 and even represented Indonesia in the Free Fire World Championship which was held in Brazil in 2009.

Dranix Arul Facts

For those of you who are fans of this young pro player, please consider the following interesting facts:

Still in Class 2 Middle School

Arul is currently the youngest FF pro player. At the age of 14, he is currently in the 2nd grade of junior high school. Nevertheless, he was able to show his abilities and be able to compete on the professional esports stage.

Initially Not Supported by Parents

Like most other parents who forbid their children to play games too intensely. Even though it was not supported, now his parents fully support him to become a pro FF player.

Smart for Time

Although he has now become a professional gamer, he does not neglect to carry out his learning obligations. He used the morning and afternoon to study and go to school. While the afternoon and evening are only used for practice.

Born in Jakarta

Arul is from Jakarta, he was born and grew up there. However, both of his parents are from Madura.

Getting the Most Kills

In the FFML event he became a predator and became one of the players with the most kills. Drnx Aruull got 53 kills under Evos Sam13 with 56 kills, IOG Bion 09 with 66 kills and ONIC Jars with 68 kills.

Photos Photos Arul Pro Player FF

dranix arul
dranix arul
arul pro player ff's photo
arul pro player ff’s photo
arul ff's bio
arul ff’s bio
arul ff's photo
arul ff’s photo

The final word

Those were the photos of Arul pro player FF and interesting facts that you need to know. At a young age he was able to show his skills and was able to excel at the national level as a professional free fire player.

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