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Anti Cancel! Here's Tips for Ranking While Still Fasting

Anti Cancel!  Here's Tips for Ranking While Still Fasting

Playing games while fasting can indeed be an alternative to spending time towards breaking the fast. However, it is not uncommon for some to have their reward reduced and even their fast is canceled due to playing games, specifically because they are ranked. So, here are some ranking tips to keep your fast safe.

Basically, so that fasting remains maximal and the reward does not decrease, it is inseparable from how we can control ourselves and not get emotional when ranked. Especially if you meet random people on a team who play crazy games.

However, to prevent emotions when ranked while fasting, there are several things we can do. Anything? Watch it directly below.

Ranked With Friends

Not just a duo or a trio. We can invite all our close friends to push ranked together five at once! Indeed, the possibility of meeting a squad enemy is quite high.

But even if you lose even when you rank five with friends, the results will still minimize emotions and make the reward when fasting doesn’t decrease.

Make Sure Signal is Safe

Second, it’s not because of factors in the game, but a supporting factor, namely signals. Make sure our signal is safe and stable when push ranked.

Of course, it will be very frustrating when you are playing, and you are sure you will win, but you lose because of lag, or even a lost connection that ends up being disconnected until you lose in the rankings.

Defeat to a Stranger in Team

Next is succumbing to strangers or strangers on the team. That doesn’t mean you have to lose to lose. But more relented when choosing a hero or role.

In ranked mode, especially those who play with other people who are still strangers, there is often a battle for heroes or fighting over roles. Instead of insisting that it leads to mutual emotions, it’s better to give in and choose another role.

If we can only play roles or heroes, that’s all? Yes, don’t force the main ranked first!

Mute in Game

Fourth is to maximize the features in the game itself, namely mute. When you find a teammate, a keyboard warrior who has an extraordinary slur, immediately mutes.

Don’t be lazy or even provoked by emotions that can reduce our reward, or even break the fast.

Stay away from taboos!

What are the most obvious taboos in the month of fasting? Food and Drink! Yes, if you are ranked, stay away from food and drink.

Later when you die or wait for your opponent to be ranked, you make a mistake, you don’t even drink or chew food, right? Cancel already.

Those are some ranking tips while still fasting. By following the tips above, our fasting will continue to run smoothly even while being ranked.

Do you have any other tips? Say it in the comments column below!


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