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Android games Traffic Rider Street Pol Gas Speed ​​Racing Games

Android game Traffic Rider Game Speed ​​Racing – This new Traffic Rider game is famous for being played by many Android users, both teenagers, children and parents. For those who like to accelerate on the roads, overtake cars to the beat of the gas column, you have to try this android game with traffic drivers.

Android games Traffic Rider Game Speed ​​Speed ​​Gas Pol Street cover

Traffic equestrian games tend to manipulate motorized vehicles into driving too fast on the roads. For those of you who want to speed up as much as possible and still love your life, you can try this Android game right now and feel the feeling of passing the streets at full speed.

The Traffic Rider game was developed by a developer called “Soner Kara” who also made a fast-paced car simulation game on the streets called Traffic Racer. It’s almost the same, but more exciting, the motorcycle game is really real 3D graphics and lots of features.

Traffic Rider Android Game Rating


In terms of graphics, this game looks really real and the size of the game is also very small, around 89MB. the speedometer animation, the speed of the gas Betot movement, the hand clutch movement is really real, unfortunately the rearview mirror cannot look back, maybe there will be an update in the future. Scenes on the streets have sunny days, evenings, afternoons and so on.

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Traffic driver model

There are many motorcycles to choose from in the Traffic Racer game, there are around 20 motorcycle models from Matic, Trail, Harley Moge 250 CC up to 1000 CC motorcycles such as CBR 250 CC, Ninja 250 CC, CBR 1000 CC and others. The engine can be upgraded from power handling and breaking. It can also change the color of the motorcycle and strip it, we can buy motorcycles by receiving money for completing the missions provided. How easy it is to play is explained later in the gameplay to get you excited about this game.


The settings in the Traffic Equestrian game are pretty complete considering this game is small. the game can be saved / loaded online

Settings for road users


Traffic driver settings 2
  1. There is a setting to turn off the music
  2. Enhance sound FX


  1. Steering: tilt, button or hand control
  2. Trottle: manual / auto
  3. Release brakes: On / Off
  4. Invert control
  5. sensitivity
  6. Calibrate
  7. Reset to default


In the advanced settings there are:

advanced settings road users
  1. Drive left: Drive left
  2. Blood effect
  3. Repetitions: Coming soon


gamepkay traffic driver

In the first game we get bonus money for buying a motorcycle and can only buy an automatic motorcycle that can be upgraded 3x with a top speed of 110 km / h. The author started on the first mission to ride an automatic motorcycle and forgot what his mission was because the author was able to buy a CBR 250 CC motorcycle. There are many missions that can be played like overtaking 30 cars at close range with a time limit, there is also driving how many kilometers in the allotted time, then arriving and a lot more. We will get a lot of money from completing missions even if there are no points.

Traffic rider game mode

When we have an accident there is a blood effect when it is activated through the settings. no more time before the mission is complete and there is an opportunity to proceed with the 1 gold we have. If we cannot accelerate well when overtaking and braking, we will of course continue to have accidents in this game. During the game you will feel tense because we are driving at high speed on a street full of cars

Career road driver

That is the article Traffic Rider Game Speeding Street that is loved
When there are cars on the road, use the horn to get the car out of the way. There is also a jump function that adds a lot of points to the game. In addition to the carrier mode, there is also an Endless Time Trial mode and a Free mode, all of which are unlocked within the specified level. It is guaranteed to be very exciting to play this newly popular traffic driver game. Download Traffic RIder for free directly from the Playstore.

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