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A Closer Look at Arena of Valor's New Aoi Hero!

Entering 2021, Arena of Valor will return the arrival of a new hero following the arrival Bright. Named Aoi, the newest hero Arena of Valor this time it is one of the ninja who comes from Mist Island, the same place as Airi and Hayate.

Aoi is one of the heroes who requires high enough playing skills because the skill set he has is quite complicated compared to heroes Arena of Valor other. When viewed from the skill set that Aoi has, this hero will fill the role jungler.

If we look at the data on the test server, Aoi arguably is one of the heroes whose performance will be in accordance with its use. This hero will be dangerous if the players are good at using it and vice versa where this hero will not be useful if used by new players.


Let’s discuss the skills first, starting with passive skills where Aoi save the stack collected when using skill 1. Every time Aoi launch skill 1, then the next basic attack will be stronger and cause critical damage.

Skills 1, Aoi will jump forward and claw his first enemy, this attack can be followed by a basic attack later. Unique thing about Aoi is in skill 2, namely he will throw a rope which if exposed to terrain it will become a cable for maneuvering, this movement makes Aoi very strong to be jungler.

Last skill 3, Aoi will jump and slash the enemy in front of him while retreating backwards. This skill is suitable for getting out of battle or executing a dying enemy, this ultimate skill is the final key to the skill set Aoi.

Different from the previous heroes, this time Garena Indonesia is kind and will provide Aoi for free. To get it, you have to take part in a special event Aoi, The Dragon Scar in the period from January 26 to February 14 next.

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This hero is perfect for those of you who want to play hero jungler and requires challenging game mechanics. Don’t miss out on joining the event so you don’t regret it later.

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