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8 Strongest, Sickest, Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

Mage-type heroes do have a small level of defense, but the damage from their skills cannot be underestimated because it hurts and usually has a large area. That’s why the mage type hero is one of the heroes needed in the ranked game. However, if you run out of mana when dealing with an opponent, then the mage type hero is powerless. Here are 6 mage heroes that are often used in ranked games.

1. Zhask

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Zhask is one of the favorite mage heroes because its use is not difficult, relies more on monsters and the monster’s attacks don’t need to be directed. Just summon a monster and circle around the monster’s area. It’s just that you need to be careful with opposing heroes who can instantly kill like assassins or marksmans with long distances and large damage because Zhask doesn’t have good survival or lifesteal skills so that they can be easily killed in the late game. Enough to increase attack speed and magic power and use the spell inspire, Zhask has become a mage that has very scary damage with simple use.

2. Odette

Odette has a stun effect from her skills and her ultimate skill area is quite large and quite painful. Usually when Odette is launching her ultimate skill, the enemy tries to run or escape from the ultimate skill area, but usually fails because Odette uses the blink spell so that the enemy with only a little blood is killed instantly at Odette’s hands. Odette can pair up with Johnson to perform combo attacks against opponents. After the opponent was hit by Johnson, Odette immediately launched the ultimate skill so that the opponent would lose a lot of blood. The Odette and Johnson combo is very useful when the war and all the opposing heroes are gathered, so the opponent’s formation will be chaotic and usually someone will die from Odette’s ultimate, especially when it’s late game. However, Odette’s ultimate also has a weakness and can be canceled. Therefore, when this hero is successfully approached by the opponent’s hero while using his ultimate skill, then Odette’s ultimate skill becomes useless. For example, Akai approaches Odette while using the ultimate skill, then Akai also uses the ultimate skill to push Odette, then Odette’s ultimate skill automatically cancels. That’s why this hero is rarely used because the ultimate is easily canceled if it is successfully approached.

3. Aurora

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This hero has the ability to freeze more than 1 opponent. When the freeze bar is full, Aurora can launch an ultimate skill that directly hits several opponents at once and makes them powerless. Aurora is very useful in team fights, but in the early game the damage is not too pronounced so you have to survive the opponent’s attack while continuing to increase the level.

4. Cyclops

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The Cyclops skill delay is very short when all the items are ready. With painful damage and short skill delays, this hero is very often used in ranked games. The last skill is useful for locking the opponent so that the opposing hero can’t do anything for a while, but unfortunately there are some heroes who are immune to the ultimate Cyclops skill. Examples of heroes who are immune to the ultimate Cyclops skill are Lancelot and Lolita. By using a shield, Lolita is not only immune to Cyclops’ ultimate skill but also to the first and second skills so the damage is not too pronounced. Just like Lolita, Lancelot is also immune to Cyclops skills when he is using his skills. Usually the Lancelot user will use his second skill to cancel the Cyclops skill against him.

5. Kagura

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Kagura’s skill has 2 layers, namely when Kagura is with an umbrella and without an umbrella, where the cooldown time is different. This makes Kagura a hero who is often banned in ranked games. Although the damage is painful, not many are able to use it properly because the skill is divided into 2 layers, making people confused about using it and it takes a lot of practice.

6. Harley

The fire ring and card skills are his mainstay. Harley can also move and put the hat, then can return to where the hat was placed at a certain time. Usually this hat skill is used to escape after attacking the opponent.

7. Selena
Selena has 2 forms and stun abilities that make the opponent unable to move for quite a long time. In fact, he can also set invisible traps that can hit enemies when stepped on them.

8. Lunox

Lunox uses the power of light and darkness to defeat his opponents. When his ultimate skill is activated, he becomes a very fierce and terrible hero mage in hunting down his opponents.

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