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8 Reasons Why You Should Patiently Wait for the Release and Play Diablo Immortal

Who is not familiar with the game Diablo? Yup, games RPG The phenomenal one will be present in a mobile version called Diablo Immortal. This mobile game was first announced at the event BlizzCon 2021, although in the end many fans were disappointed with the announcement.

Where was that fan Diablo really looking forward to an announcement about the series Diablo 4 for PC. Which the average Diablo fan comes from PC gamers, not smartphones. Even so, Blizzard seems to have other plans by announcing Diablo Immortal as an effort to spread its wings into the mobile realm.

Moreover, the mobile market is the largest market in the gaming industry today. So it’s not impossible, if Blizzard Entertainment also interested in entering the market. But what’s so interesting about Diablo Immortal? even though Diablo 3 PC or console versions are still popular today. What are the reasons for gamers to play the game? Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal

Well, here are some reasons that might make you interested in playing Diablo Immortal:

1. New User Interface

Different from Diablo 3 PC and console versions, on Diablo Immortal has a user interface (UI) that is very friendly to smartphone users. The reason is that the development Diablo Immortal also hook NetEase which is already quite famous in developing mobile games.

Even so, veteran players Diablo will still be nostalgic because of the interface Diablo Immortal it retains the same elements as the PC or console versions.

2. Easy Navigation

In Diablo Immortal will also have a new navigation system that will make it easier for smartphone user gamers to slaughter monsters, level up characters, live dungeon rift as well as rapidly changing locations.

3. New Storyline

On Diablo Immortal, players will be invited to experience a new storyline. Where is the story between events Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The story begins in Wortham and will invite players to visit several new locations and locations that are quite familiar from the series Diablo. In addition to experiencing a new storyline, players will also be presented with a variety of mini quests, side dungeons and challenging bosses.

4. Fun Dungeon Rift

Diablo very famous for the fun of living dungeon rift along with other players. Well on Diablo Immortal, players will also feel the excitement of undergoing quests dungeon rift with other players. Can even do dungeon rift quest many times to get rare legendary items. Of course this is one of the fun Diablo Immortal which of course you should not miss.

Apart from running dungeon rift quest, players can also meet each other with other players at a special location called Westmarch, i.e. a city center liaison in Diablo Immortal.

5. Have Various Legendary Items

Team Blizzard Entertainment together NetEase has also maximized every item in Diablo Immortal. Yup, in this mobile game, players will be able to experience several maximized items, one of which is a legendary item.

Where each legendary item has been upgraded or modified to provide in-game effects abilities. So when using one of the legendary items, players can have the effect ability to freeze or slow down enemy movements.

Interestingly, all the legendary items in Diablo Immortal can be found in the game. So that each player can find his own legendary item by doing it often dungeon rift quest. In addition, legendary items cannot be traded.

6. Item Leveling System Features

For the first time in the franchise Diablo, in Diablo Immortal will have a feature named Item Leveling System. This feature is to answer the existence of legendary items in the game. Through this feature, players can upgrade and increase the status of the legendary items used. So that the legendary item provides status, status bonuses and a greater amount of damage so that it is different from other players’ legendary items.

7. Free

Different from Diablo PC and console versions, Diablo Immortal can be played for free. So that players can feel the excitement of the entire main storyline and all the content of future updates for free. In addition, players will not be limited by playing time using the energy system, and each new class will be accessible to all players without the need to buy it again.

It is just Diablo Immortal will have features microtransaction optional which gamers can buy. Where microtransaction it allows gamers to be able to buy battle pass and Crests, the item used for Elder Rift.

8. Flexibility

Flexibility is an aspect that makes Diablo Immortal worth ogling gamers. The reason is, for gamers who now don’t have much time to sit for hours in front of a PC or console. Now you can reminisce about playing again Diablo in mobile devices. Diablo Immortal provides high flexibility so that you can carry out every rift quest anytime and anywhere.

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So those are some reasons why you should play Diablo Immortal. Unfortunately, right now Diablo Immortal has not been officially released, even though it has opened the alpha test period. We are waiting for a surprise from Blizzard Entertainment next yes.

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