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8 of the Worst, Strongest, and Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends

Assassin is one type of hero that is very much needed and becomes a milestone for the team’s victory. If the player assassin is noob or clumsy, then the team will definitely find it very difficult or even impossible to win the match. Not to mention if the assassin is unable to kill the opponent but instead becomes a feeder. For that, the selection of the right assassin hero and a good way of playing are really needed by assassin players to be able to win the match. Here are 8 of the sickest, strongest, and best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Lancelot

Lancelot is the most feared assassin hero in Mobile Legends right now because of his immunity when using his skills. The damage from his skills hurts and can’t be underestimated. Its easy use makes it a favorite assassin that is often used in classic mode.

2. Gusion

Gusion is one of the assassin heroes who is often banned or banned in draft pick ranked games in Mobile Legends. This is because the damage Gusion is sick and his ultimate skill can refresh delay on all Gusion skills (besides the ultimate skill that was used).

3. Helcurt

When an enemy hero is nearby and uses a skill that produces damage, the hero will automatically be exposed to Helcurt’s passive skill, namely silence so that the opponent’s hero cannot use the skill again for a while. This skill is very powerful to paralyze hero mages and assassins. When the opponent cannot use his skill, Helcurt can paralyze and kill the opponent without getting a significant counter attack.

4. Fanny

Fanny is one of the heroes that is difficult to use in Mobile Legends, but if she can use it well, this hero will become a very scary assassin because by using her ropes, Fanny can move from one end of the map to the other in just seconds. !

5. Karina

When Karina manages to kill her opponent, her ultimate skill is immediately delayed and can be reused, even though Karina’s ultimate skill is her flagship skill or can be called the ultimate move. Of course, when the ultimate move can be used repeatedly without delay it will be a very terrible threat. To get double kills and triple kills with Karina is not difficult, sometimes it can even be maniac and savage.

6. Natalia

Natalia’s ability to disappear is one of the unique abilities in the Mobile Legends game that other heroes don’t have. Indeed, there are heroes who can disappear for a while like Miya but not during Natalia. With this ability, he can attack the enemy without being attacked first. If Natalia’s item is finished in the late game, she can finish off her opponent very quickly.

7. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a ninja assassin hero who is quite difficult for opponents because he can run away quickly after launching his attack by using his shadow. This hero also has a lifesteal effect from his skills which makes it difficult to beat. Not only that, when he was using his ultimate skill, no one could attack him.

8. Saber

Saber is a hero that is easy to use and can be obtained easily because it is cheap.

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