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7 Ways to Save Internet Data Package Quota on Android

The limited data quota quota makes us have to save on it, especially if where we are rarely there is Wi-Fi facilities. By saving on data packages, we also save expenses so as not to keep buying data packages due to excessive usage. Here are 7 Ways to Save Internet Data Package Quota on Android.

1. Turn off Auto Sync
Automatic synchronization that is active will make the application upload data to cloud storage so that it takes up data packages and is usually not small. For that, turn off automatic synchronization especially on applications that are not needed.

2. Use a Browser That Can Compress Data
Today’s modern browsers already have a built-in that supports data compression so that it saves bandwidth usage when surfing web pages. Examples of browsers that can be used are Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, and Yandex.

3. Update Applications / Games Only With Wi-Fi
Turn off automatic updates of applications or games and update only when connected to Wi-Fi so it doesn’t eat up your data plan quota, especially if the update is large and the application is not urgent to use.

4. Use the Data Package Saver Application
Use an application that can compress the existing data so that every element downloaded or downloaded from the internet does not drain the data package.

5. Use Google Maps Offline Mode
Only download certain areas on Google Maps with Wi-Fi when using it so you don’t use up your data plan because the Google Maps application is quite draining on your data plan.

6. Limit Application Data Usage
Limit data usage on every application on an Android smartphone so that it does not exceed the expectation of daily data package usage. One of the applications to control the usage of data packages is Datally, which is created and managed by Google. With this application, the user or user is able to monitor and limit the use of data on applications on the smartphone.

Download Datally :

7. Use Low Resolution When Watching Videos Online
Higher video quality will consume more data plan. For that when streaming on Youtube or other video sharing sites, make sure to watch a lower quality but still pleasing to the eye.

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