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7 Tips, Guides, Winning Tutorials Playing Survival Mode Mobile Legends

Survival mode is a new mode in Mobile Legends that can be played in July 2021. In this survival mode, all existing players can collect items from the monsters in the survival area. In addition, players also cannot buy items, but can pick up dead enemy hero items. Cohesiveness and teamwork are needed in this survival mode because there are quite a lot of enemies. This survival mode consists of 3 heroes in 1 team, different from the usual game consisting of 5 people per team. In addition, there are only 3 types of heroes here, namely physical, magical, and defense. Here are Tips, Guides, Winning Tutorials Playing Survival Mode Mobile Legends.

1. Landing in the same place

Mark the location before landing when the game starts, then land in the same place later. Landing in different places will make it difficult to meet and more risky to die for fighting multiple opponents alone.

2. Use different types of heroes

Use heroes with different types so that they can help each other and cover weaknesses. If it’s not needed, it’s better not to use a hero mage because the skill delay is quite long.

3. Use Items According to Role
Use ready-made items (yellow) and according to the role to make it bigger and get additional attributes.

4. Avoid War Before Getting Good Items
It’s better to avoid war, especially at the beginning of the game when you haven’t gotten an item.

5. Stay Together With Teammates
Stay with your teammates because enemies can attack suddenly at the same time. Watch out for bushes or grass where your opponent can hide and lurk.

6. Pay attention to the movement of the energy area
In this survival mode, we have to stay in the energy area. If you are outside the area, your HP will continue to decrease until you die.

7. Use Spells and Attack the Sick Opponent Hero
Spells obtained from fighting the Lord can be used against enemy heroes. Take a spell item that can confine your opponent (tube-shaped) or an iron hook that can attract your opponent so they can’t escape. In war, prioritize attacking the sickest opponent hero first so that our team is not flattened by him.

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