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7 Strongest Assassin Season 22 Mobile Legends

The role of assassin in mobile legends is one of the most popular roles by players. Because this role can get Kill easily and make it easier for players to get MVP. The advantages of hero assassins are that they can produce large amounts of Brust damage and have high mobility, making assassin heroes able to kidnap enemy marksman or mage very easily.

Of the many hero assassins in Mobile Legend, G-MLBB summarizes them into 7 of the sickest Assassins of season 14.
Check out the explanation below.


Saber is an OP and ganker hero in Mobile legends because the best hero of the seventh assassin is Saber. This hero with the assassin role has experienced buffs and nerfs. Even so, Saber remains the Favorite hero for ganking. Remember during the MPL tournament yesterday, when the tournament was used the saber 45 times, with a win rate of 88.88%.

What was the reason that top players like Aura and Jess no Limit wanted to use a saber in an important tournament? That’s because Saber has the skill to do ganking in team fights. Saber is the most powerful hero to lock marksman or enemy mage. The key to this saber hero is in skill 3 or Ultimate, without the ultimate saber will only be a bully hero. This hero combo is quite simple and easy to practice without much practice.

6. Fanny

Next in 6th position for the 7 strongest assassin heroes is Fanny. This agile hero is called Fanny, who doesn’t know the horror of a Fanny. This hero, known as the most difficult character to play in Mobile Legends, has the best mobility that allows moving lines in a short time.


Even though it was forgotten, it turns out that Lancelo is still one of the best Assassins and it certainly hurts a lot because he can produce very large Brust damage. Lancelot also has the ability to chase enemies or escape from enemy pursuit easily, because his first skill can be used many times if it hits different targets.

Another advantage of Lancelot is that this assassin is unnecessary and doesn’t depend too much on skills, because Lancelot’s passive skills can make very large basic attack damage.

The next assassin is Helcurt. It is said that this hero is most feared by pro players, with a high level of damage Helcurt becomes one of the reliable heroes for the team. Not only good at one vs one battles, but also reliable because of his ultimate skill.

In addition, Helcurt can also be used to push towers because of the large damage and high mobility. One of the advantages of this assassin is the silent effect of his passive skill, which allows holding the enemy’s skill out for a few seconds. This is also a frightening specter for a marksman or mage hero.

For the third position there is an assassin who can be said to be the most cowardly assassin because of his ultimate skill, he is Hanzo. This hero is very special because his skills can be multifunctional and manipulate opponents. Hero assassins who have a way of playing that is safer than other assassins.

The actual ability that Hanzo has is only shown when he can remove his demon ninja from his body, Hanzo can penetrate walls and move faster and get more lethal skills to kill opposing heroes from a distance. But you have to be careful if you meet the user Aldous.

For the next hero as the sickest runer up assassin in season 14 is Natalia. Natalia with her passive skill ability, can make the opponent’s marksman or mage hero worried, how can this hero not appear suddenly, emit smoke bombs, finish you off and go somewhere.

His sick damage can make the enemy mage or marksman disappear instantly. How, are you interested in using Natalia?


I don’t know how long Gussion will be popular in Mobile Legends. This assassin is the best assassin every month because it has many advantages, ranging from high mobility, large burst damage, to very short cooldown skills. What makes Gussion so scary is that this assassin is very, very strong in the early game and in the late game.

Okay guys, those are the 7 best assassin heroes in season 14. Do you have a mainstay?

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