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7 Strongest and Sickest Heroes in Mobile Legends Late Game

Losing in the early game doesn’t necessarily mean losing in the late game. There have been so many Mobile Legends players who have proven that epic comeback is real or turning things around is real, especially if we have these 7 heroes in our team.

1. Lesley
Lesley’s damage in the early game is not too pronounced and to beat him is not difficult, especially if the opposing team is busy in the alley so that the item is not finished. However, if the item is finished in the late game, Lesley’s team will be very difficult to beat because the damage is very painful and the attack speed is high.

2. Irithel
Irithel’s Ultimate Skill which is able to attack several enemies at once can be a mainstay in the late game when all the gear is ready. Of course the attack is very painful and can kill several opposing heroes at once.

3. Claude
In the early game, Claude’s hero abilities are not very visible, you could even say Claude is a very ordinary hero, but in the late game Claude can have an extraordinary attack speed that is obtained from stealing the attack speed of his opponents. Thus he can finish off enemy heroes quickly.

4. Cyclops
When all the gear is ready, the delay of the first skill and Cyclops’ second skill is very fast so he can attack the enemy continuously without fear of waiting for the skill delay. In addition, the lifesteal gear will make it more difficult to beat because it will continue to regenerate HP every time the skill hits the opponent.

5. Karina
Karina is an assassin mage who uses attack magic to kill her opponents. Actually, this hero is already quite sick in the early game, it’s just that it’s still difficult to instant kill or kill enemies quickly. In the late game, Karina’s full damage build can turn off marksman by removing all her skills. This hero is perfect for hunting down marksman who is usually on the back line during war. Karina can attack the opponent’s marksman from the side then immediately use the first skill that increases movement speed to escape.

6. Hayabusa
When Hayabusa uses his ultimate skill, he becomes unable to be attacked by anything and anyone. In the late game when all the gear is ready, fighting 1 on 1 with Hayabusa without armor is just ridiculous suicide. He can turn off the opponent’s marksman with just one ultimate skill.

7. Natalia
Natalia’s ability to disappear can’t be underestimated. Because his ability is often troublesome for the opponent in defeating him. In the late game, Natalia can appear suddenly and immediately kill the opponent’s hero then run away and disappear again. For this reason, it is better for Natalia to be banned from using it when draft picks are ranked in the game.

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