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7 Meta Heroes Season 22 Mobile Legends 2021

Hello savage warriors see you again at GMLBB. It doesn’t feel like Season 14 is over, and now it’s time for us to fight in Season 15. Our struggle in season 15, of course, begins with a season skin prize from mooton. For Season 15, it turns out that Moonton gave a mage hero Skin, Parsha, with the skin name Enchanting Witch.

How are you guys preparing to fight in season 15? So what’s the target for this season? want to be a global top? or just want to reach the Mytich tier? or even someone who wants to be a pro player?

Before you start the struggle in this season, it would be nice to know what heroes are OP (Over Power) or meta in season 15.

Well, this time GMLBB will discuss about “7 HERO META SEASON 14 Prediction” Without much ado, let’s go straight to the discussion below.

Prediction 7 HERO META SEASON 15. Mobile Legends 2021:

7. Khufra

Sequence 7 opened by a rising Tanker he is Khufra. This Hero Tank is on the rise since its first appearance in the Land of Down. This is because the counter effect that this hero has is very large, where he can counter almost all Assassin heroes who have a bling effect and other agile heroes. For example, Harit is quite slippery to use.

Coupled with a fairly thick blood, this hero will still be an annoying meta, and of course it is predicted to be a season 15 meta tanker.

Why did GMLBB choose Khufra to be one of the heroes who will become Meta in season 15, the reason is because from the survey results from several players, besides that his skills are very Over Power with a very easy skill combination. Skill 2 or Bounce Ball very effective in slowing the enemy’s movement, when Khufra bounces he can give magic damage which is quite sick and has an effect slow 80% for half a second.

What do you think? do you agree? Or is there an even more annoying tank? please comment below this article.

6. Fanny

The next meta hero comes from Role Assassin, Fanny. Who doesn’t know the horror of a Fanny? This hero, known as the most difficult character to play in Mobile Legends, has the best mobility, which allows moving Line in a short time.

However, Fanny had difficulties in Meta season 14, as a result of the arrival of a new hero like Wan Wan. But there is always a place for Fanny to tear her opponent apart. Moreover, the current meta no longer provides a place for Counter popular ones, such as Saber, Eudora and Zilong.

GMLBB predicts that Fanny will still be in the Season 15 meta. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments column.

5. Harith

The next meta hero comes from a hero who has a role mage namely Harith. This hero is quite strong in season 14, and can still be predicted to remain meta in season 15, of course along with news from moonton about giving Buff and Rework to Harith in this season 15. Especially now that Harith is in the team Lightborn.

This one hero mage does have a small body but damage produced is very large. Damage This amount is generated from the Ultimate skill combo, namely Zsafe Force with his 2nd skill that is Chrono Dash, Damage resulting from this Combo is very deadly.

In addition, Harith also has armor that is thick enough so that it is very difficult to kill, plus Harith also has extraordinary agility for a hero mage.

4. X-Borg

One of the Fighter heroes that is currently Meta is X-Borg, this is because of the fire effect it has. His skills are also quite annoying and can be used to kill thick-blooded heroes like Tanks or fighters, for example Masha and Terizla.

Worse yet, if used by the right pilot this hero can hardly be killed because it has armor. So we predict that X-Borg will be one of the Meta heroes in season 15.

Write your feedback in the comments column, if there is another better fighter hero in season 15.

3. Ling

The next hero that will meta in season 15 is Ling. I think this hero is one of the strangest heroes Moonton has because of the skills he has. But actually it doesn’t matter to satisfy Mobile Legends fans, and of course this is an opportunity for fans content creator Youtube.

Since his presence in Mobile Legends, many players have felt the madness of this Ling hero. When a user uses this Ling hero, Land of Down will shout “Savage”. Not to mention the deadly combo of ultimate skills that are hard to avoid.

2. Silvanna

Silvanna is now present in the land of the Land of Down. I assume you already have this one hero, of course because this one hero is given by Moonton for free or for free.

Silvana is a Fighter hero in the form of a graceful and tough female knight who uses a spear as her weapon. Unlike other Fighters who rely on Physical Silvanna’s damage relies more on magical damage like a mage.

1. Wanwan

Furthermore, for the top position of the Meta hero predictions,Over Power in season 15 this is the hero with the Role Marksman who else if not Wanwan.

This hero is indeed a bit difficult to control, although it is quite difficult to control but this hero has the potential to get a lot of savage if used by the right pilot. With the skills and attributes that he uses, Wanwan can easily kill enemy heroes from close range or distance.

With Wanwan’s expertise, GMLBB predicts Wanwan will become the Over Powered hero in Season 15 following her competitors, namely Ling and Silvanna.

If you don’t agree with us, please write your predictions in the comments column.

That’s the discussion for Prediction 7 HERO META SEASON 15 Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Thank you for visiting, wait for the next article update from us.

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