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7 Hero Counter Ling Mobile Legends Season 22

Hello GMLBB loyal readers. This time, GMLBB will discuss the counter of the assassin hero, Ling. Ling is one of the heroes who just came out, but it is said that this hero is very difficult to counter or kill head to head. So they have to be scraped together in the village first so they can be killed. The question is, is it? Is it true that this Ling is really hard to kill?

But it turns out all of that is just a myth. The fact is that Ling can still be solo killed by several heroes in mobile legends. Maybe many of us already understand about this hero, or maybe even some readers are Ling’s users.

The advantage of Ling is that one of his skills can be used to climb walls, where he is the first wall-climbing hero in Mobile Legends. Thanks to his uniqueness, Ling has become one of the heroes feared by the opposing team, and is often the target of being banned.

So what heroes can Counter Ling in season 15? Let’s look at the discussion “7 Hero Counter Ling Season 15”

7. Diggie

To open this Ling hero counter, we start with the support hero, he is Diggie. Diggie is a support-type hero who can counter various agile Assassin-type heroes like Ling.

By using his second skill, Reverse Time, which can turn back time and make Ling return to his original place. But even though he can be a counter hero for Ling, basically Diggie is a typical support hero. So even though he needed the help of his teammates in order to finish off Ling.

6. Franco

Well, for the next hero there is a typical Tank hero, he is Franco. Who doesn’t know this one hero, who irritates him with his first and ultimate skill. However, this tank hero is very useful to be able to counter Ling, especially when Ling is on the wall.

However, you only have one chance to get Ling, which is the other skill. If you fail to attract Ling, then you have to wait for Franco’s other skill to activate again.

5. Kaja

The 5th hero to counter Ling is a hero who has a Fighter/Support role, he is Kaja. Kaja is one of the heroes who can counter Ling, because Kaja has a series of skills that can make Ling die of lice.

This bird-human hero has skill one, namely Ring of Order which relies on area damage. So if there is Ling nearby Kaja can give him damage even though Ling is on the wall.

In addition, his Ultimate Skill that can attract enemies can be used to lock Ling. So that if Ling was on top of Kaja’s wall he could use the Divine Judgment skill to force the climber down.

4. Chou

It’s no secret that Chou is the counter of all heroes in Mobile Legends, including Ling. Where the ultimate skill is The Way of Dragon which can stop the enemy’s movement for two seconds, so Ling is helpless and can’t go anywhere if he has been hit by this ultimate skill from Chou.

Not only that, this hero with the Fighter role also has skill one, namely Jeet Kune Do, which in the third stage will damage the area, so that if used near Ling will make him fall from the wall he is climbing. This hero who has Corwd control and an annoying immune effect enters and becomes one of the Counter Lings.

Furthermore, if you want to use Chou, you can use the recommended items from GMLBB:

3. Aurora

In third place is the ice queen, Aurora, who can stop Ling’s movements forcibly. Aurora is one of the Mage-type heroes with very deadly crowd control skills and causes very severe damage. He can easily freeze enemies and stop his movements that are in the area of ​​effect of his damage.

No exception, Ling can be easily stopped by Aurora.

2. Ruby

For the Runer Up position as a Counter Ling hero, it is Ruby. Just like Chou Ruby is also a fighter hero with very annoying crowd control skills.

The other skill is Be Good! or the second skill is Don’t run, Wolf King! where with these two skills can make Ling fall from the wall if hit by this crowd control skill from Ruby. Not only that, Ruby can also attract Ling very easily thanks to his ability in his Ultimate skill, I’m Offended! guaranteed with this ability, Ruby can make Ling dead style.

1. Khufra

It’s inevitable, this Hero tank can be no. 1 hero counter Ling. If Khufra can counter slippery assassin heroes, such as Fanny, Guision, and many more slippery heroes he can counter including Ling.

When Khufra uses the Bounce Ball skill, Khufra can give a Knock Up effect to the hero who uses the blink skill to get past it. This of course will make it difficult for Ling to move if there is Khufra nearby.

So, those were the 7 Counter Ling heroes in season 15. Is there an additional hero who can counter Ling, please add a comment, of course, in the comments column below.

For discussions about other mobile legends, wait at GMLBB. Because there is still a lot that will be discussed by GMLBB about Mobile Legends. Thank you for visiting, please leave a comment. See you in the next article.

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