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6 ways to play free fire games without delay

How to play free fire games with no lag / how to stabilize ping free fire – Free Fire is one of the games that seems to be very popular now and is played by many people.

Several times I have seen on the playstore that this free fire game seems to be in the first place of the most popular games. I don’t know what the reason is but what is certain is that this free fire game seems really to be in high demand from people of all backgrounds.

A definite reason so many people want to play this battle royale genre game is because the HD display and graphics are pretty good and the game doesn’t feel boring.

When playing, we have to survive to the end and beat other players who total 50 people. It looks like this free fire game is similar to the story in the Hunger Games movie.

Playing in the Free Fire game is very exciting indeed. But it’s even more exciting when there are no distractions while playing.

But as we know, online games must be glitched, even if a little.

How to Overcome Free Fire Delay / How to Fix Delay / Slow Free Fire / Overcoming Free Fire Signal 999+ 2021

Just like with this Free Fire game, there are of course players who experience or experience delays Broken when playing, especially when the game is just beginning, we are the first target.

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Hence, we should be smart about conditioning the signal network and be able to regulate our RAM capacity as this Free Fire game takes up quite a lot of storage space.

Because of this, how to not play free fire delay / how to overcome 999+ ms free fire alarm delay, then below are some tips on how to overcome lags, cracks, and ping 999 when playing Free Fire.

Tips for overcoming delays or slowness in open fire

1. Change Internet network

Is your smartphone network 4G but still lagging? You can try changing it to 3G aka H +.

In fact, 4G is usually much smoother, but that 4G network is not evenly distributed.

Hence, you can try changing it. Sometimes the 4G signal is what we think is smoother, but in reality it’s not that stable, aka the signal fluctuates.

Signals that like to change, for example suddenly smooth, suddenly feel so slow. This usually causes cracks or delays when playing Free Fire games.

So try changing it to H + who knows this is much smoother than 4G and can stabilize the ping too.

To change it, go to settings >> Cellular network >> then select WCDMA or H +.

2. Close running apps

Before playing the free fire game, it would be nice to close any running applications or games.

This is useful to keep the application or game from running in the background as it just keeps consuming memory in the background and using less memory.

A little bit of storage space will definitely cause delays when playing free fire as the size and memory required to play free fire is quite large.

So make a habit of always closing any applications we’ve been playing before playing Free Fire.

3. Change graphic

High graphics are certainly the desire of every Free Fire Game player. But are you aware that high graphics sometimes cause delays when playing free fire games?

This is happening because your cellphone isn’t strong or has less than 1GB of RAM, but if it’s over 2GB that’s fine. Therefore, if your mobile phone is low on RAM, it is better to change the graphic to smooth. This is a way of ensuring that free fire playing doesn’t lag behind on the 1GB of RAM which is the most passable. Hence, for those of you who own a 1GB RAM smartphone, one solution to overcome the lag-free fire of 1GB RAM is to change the game graphics.

It’s not difficult to change either, you step into the game first Free fire >> select gear-shaped upper right corner >> graphic >> Smooth.

4. Use the WiFi network

The next way not to lag behind while playing open fire is to use a WiFi network. The WiFi network certainly does not need to be questioned.

The main thing that really causes this delay is a signal network problem. When the signal network is unstable, there is also a delay.

So use a WiFi network if you don’t want delays as the WiFi network is stronger and smoother on average.

If not, you can go to places that offer free wifi. However, do not use WiFi that has a lot of people logged into as the signal will be shared.

5. Empty the cache

Cache is a temporary storage location for data. Every smartphone must have data cached in the internal memory. This cache data records our every activity while using an application.

However, did you know that a large cache build-up also puts a strain on our smartphones, including the cache in the Freefire game.

Hence, you can try clearing the Free Fire game cache, who knows this will help overcome any lag or crashes while playing the game.

Clearing the Free Fire Game Cache is very easy. You can enter settings >> App manager >> use >> Find games Free fire >> select clear cache.

6. Restart HP

One way that is very effective for not experiencing any lag when playing Free Fire games is to restart the mobile phone.

Restarting here means switching the mobile phone off and back to its original state. But do not reset to factory data.

You can try restarting your phone first if you experience a small delay while playing with open fire, especially on smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM. Also Read: A Powerful Way To Overcome Voice Chat Errors Not Working In PUBG Mobile And How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire Is Proven.

The last word

That’s me how not to delay in playing open fire which you can try one by one to overcome the red ping delay that occurs when playing the free fire game. Hopefully this will be useful and good luck.

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