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6 Ways to Fix Unreadable External Hard Drive on My Computer

Currently, the need for a flash or hard drive has become a common thing for students or offices. With these two storages, data can be easily moved from one computer to another. Even so, you still have to have data backups on more than one flash drive or HDD to anticipate if suddenly the flash or HDD that is usually used is problematic or damaged or unreadable. Here are some ways to Fix, Overcome, Recover Unreadable Flashdisk / HDD on My Computer.

1. Unplug HDD / Flash Drive Then Plug It Back
Try removing the unreadable flash drive and plug it back in. Maybe you forgot to safely remove hardware.

2. Clean Physical Flashdisk
Flash drives that do not have a lid and have not been used for a long time are usually dusty and dirty. The dirt can sometimes interfere with certain parts of the flash which makes it unreadable.

3. Scan Computer With Anti Virus
Malware or computer viruses are usually created to disrupt or damage the function of a system. There is a possibility that the malware has infected your computer and made the HDD or flash disk unreadable.

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4. Reformat
Certain operating systems cannot read certain flash formats. Reformat the flash drive to adjust the format to the operating system. When reformatting the flash drive, all data on the flash will be erased.

5. Enable Plug and Play
The flash drive is unreadable sometimes because it has just been plugged in and the driver is still in the process of installing or installing. Or it could also be read manually from a Windows system. The trick is to open the control panel and look for the add hardware option in the search field. Next, follow the steps that appear in the dialog box.

6. Low Level Format
Doing a low level format can make the flash drive completely damaged and unusable. For that, consider carefully before doing it. Usually this is the last resort if all the methods have been done and do not get a solution as well. Use the tools below to perform a low-level format on your HDD or flash.

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