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6 Secret Places in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Not only in the real world which holds many secrets and mysteries, the game world is not much different, especially in Harvest Moon HoLV which has several secret places.

Why is it a secret? Because the place is not available at the beginning of playing and to go there we have to do several ways or conditions in order to get to the secret place.

There are 6 secret places in Harvest Moon HoLV, for those of you who are curious and don’t know, this gamelmit will discuss these secret places.

6 Secret Places of Harvest Moon HoLV

1. Sacred Land

Have you ever gone to the side of Clove Villa and saw a street but you couldn’t enter? Now that’s the road to the Sacred Land. You can never get there before completing The Tale Golden Potato event.

Sacred Land is a very beautiful place because there are waterfalls, fruit trees, and 9 places to plant. In the event The Tale Golden Potato Sacred Land is used to plant Potatoes by you and Him, but after the event is over you can use it to plant the seeds you have.

2. Dungeon
The entrance to the basement is located next to the Church, Mallard Lake. But when you start playing you will only find a large rock next to the Church.

This is because to be able to go to the dungeon, you must complete The Holy Masterpiece event first. Later in The Holy Masterpiece event you will destroy the big stone, then you will see the entrance to the dungeon.

In the dungeon you will be able to see the legendary Harvest Goddess painting after The Holy Masterpiece event is over.

3. Fishing Spot 1 – Harvest Goddess Spring
Fishing Spot 1 is one of the 4 fishing spots in Harvest Moon HoLV. Its location next to the Harvest Goddess makes this fishing spot smaller than the others, but the fish you get are no less interesting than other places.

But before you can fish in fishing spot 1 you have to remove the big rock that is blocking the place using 10 fishprints.

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4. Fishing Spot 2 – Underground Lake, Mine
It’s the same with fishing spot 1 in order to be able to go fishing in fishing spot 2 you also have to collect fishprints, the difference is that the fishprints collected are 20 pieces.

Fishing spot 2 is a more interesting fishing spot than fishing spot 1 because apart from being underground, you will also have the opportunity to get big fish like those in Crystal Bay.

5. Harvest Goddess Temple
Still in the mining area, after room 7, there is a room called the Harvest Goddess Temple. But as usual you will find rocks blocking the way to get there.

To remove the stones, you must complete The Harvest Goddess Temple event first. Later in The Harvest Goddess Temple event, in addition to removing the rocks, you will also open a fairly large entrance. Where the door is the entrance to the Harvest Goddess Temple.

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6. A place to cut down a Woody tree
Finally, there is a place that is the most secret from other places, namely Woody’s tree cutting place because only he knows the way to go there.

There are 2 places to cut down Woody’s trees, one of which is a special place in which there are golden mushrooms and cherry tree seeds. But in order to go there you must have a golden egg and give it to Woody.

So, those are the secret places in Harvest Moon HoLV.

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