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6 Programming Languages ​​That You Must Master in 2021

There are so many programming languages ​​that exist, of course, it will be confusing, especially for beginners who are just learning to program. Actually, to choose a simple programming language, that is according to the needs of the market and society today. For example, currently there are many web and mobile programmers needed, so learn the language to create web and mobile applications that are in high demand. Here are 6 Programming Languages ​​That Must Be Mastered in 2021.

1. Java
Java is an open source and multi-platform programming language that is currently widely used to create Android programs. By mastering the Java and Android languages, work opportunities will be more wide open because to make Android programs is not easy. The difference in screen size and Android version is one of the problems that Android programmers have often faced.

2. Swift
Swift is a programming language used to create iOS applications. Actually, you can also use Objective-C to create iOS apps, but Swift is the newest language and it’s easier to remember and use. To create programs on iOS or Mac OS, you can use XCode, which is the standard code editor on Mac OS.

3. PHP
PHP is an open source programming language that is widely used to create websites today. Usually in developing websites using PHP, programmers use frameworks and libraries that are widely spread on the internet. Currently, the frameworks that are widely used are Laravel and Code Igniter (CI).

4. C#
C# is a programming language developed by the technology company Microsoft. Usually this language is used to create Windows desktop applications or websites (ASP.NET C#). Usually the creation of web or desktop programs using the Microsoft Visual Studio program. In addition, game engines like Unity also support C# so game programmers can use C# to make games.

5. Javascript
Javascript is a language that is often used in website creation. Javascript in web programming is generally client side or runs on the client side. Javascript can be used to validate user input or change the appearance of certain web pages.

6. Solidity
Solidity is a programming language that can be used to create programs or applications based on blockchain and smart contracts.