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6 Best Farming Tips and Ways to Level Up Fast in Mobile Legends

Level and Gold are the 2 main factors that determine victory, especially before the late game. If you manage to outperform both of these, then victory will be easily obtained before the late game. Here are 6 Best Farming Tips and Ways to Level Up Fast in Mobile Legends.

1. Use Battle Spell Retribution
Battle Spell Retribution can reduce the HP of minions or monsters in the forest. This Battle Spell is very useful at the beginning of the game when the hero’s damage to jungle monsters or monsters in the forest is still quite small. In addition, this battle spell can also be used to steal monsters from opponents who are attacking jungle monsters. The trick is to hide in the bushes and wait for the jungle monster’s blood to stay a little while directing the retribution to the jungle monster.

2. Use Jungle Emblem
One of the effects of the Jungle emblem is additional damage to Lord or Turtle. Thus the Lord or Turtle becomes faster to kill and minimizes the risk of being taken by the opponent.

3. Kill the Buff Monster at the beginning of the Game
Monsters that carry buffs have greater experience when killed compared to other jungle monsters. For the buff itself, if it’s really needed by a teammate, it’s better to help hit until the buff monster’s blood is a little left and then let our teammates get the buff with the last hit to the jungle monster.

4. Buy Jungling Items
Buy Jungling items up to level 2 only. Jungling items are very useful for leveling so that heroes can level up faster and take skills with higher levels so that the damage is more painful. By surpassing the opponent’s level, victory will be obtained easily when fighting 1 on 1.

5. Kill Turtle
By killing turtles, the team will get additional gold and exp which is quite useful for buying items. Ask your teammates for help to kill the turtle faster and not get caught by your opponent.

6. Stealing Opponent Jungle Monsters
If you manage to steal the opponent’s jungle monster, it will usually be easier to outperform the opponent’s level, but this is very dangerous because it can be caught by the opposing team and in the alley or attacked in groups to death. Therefore, if you want to steal the opponent’s jungle, do it together with friends one team.

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