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5 Ways and Tips to Play Mobile Legends Without Lag!

Lag is a major problem when playing Mobile Legends games. Conditions can be reversed if the connection is bad where the first one has won and destroyed a lot of opposing towers, due to lag and disconnection from the game, instead it becomes out of level and the tower starts to crumble. For this reason, a good and consistent connection needs to be maintained when playing Mobile Legends games. Here are some tips for playing Mobile Legends without lag.

1. If using Wi-Fi, don’t be too far from the router
The router that is the source of the wifi signal is very important when playing. Do not be too far from the router let alone blocked by walls or other objects, because a bad signal can cause broken connections or disconnect from the game.

2. If you use a data package, don’t forget to fill in your quota
Fill in the quota before playing, if necessary first check the remaining quota so that it doesn’t suddenly disconnect from the game server if the quota suddenly runs out.

3. Check the operator signal before playing, don’t play if the signal is below half
Signal is very influential in playing with data packets. If the signal is below 50%, it’s better not to try to play because the signal may suddenly disappear and cause the connection to be lost.

4. Play with the battery condition above 50%
Low battery sometimes also causes lag, therefore do not play when the battery is below 50% because playing games will reduce or consume large amounts of battery power.

5. Turn on speed mode in game

Open the settings section on the Basics tab and scroll down until there is a network setting option and then turn on speed mode.

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